Monday, February 28, 2011

Dirty Nelly's

Damansara Jaya isn't renowned for its watering holes, so a hip new neighborhood hangout like Dirty Nelly's stands a stellar shot at mopping the floor with its competitors.

The pub grub at this porcine paradise tastes terrific and is perfectly priced, with mains costing about RM25. Specialties include the classic English favorite of grilled gammon steak _ a smoky slice of hog thigh with caramelized pineapples & an unapologetically creamy fried duck's egg.

Angels & devils on horseback _ pitted prunes wrapped in streaky bacon & sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Also delectable; the luscious prunes simply melt in the mouth, making them seem somewhat like sweetened pork fat.

Poor Man's Pate _ pork pate sealed under clarified butter & served with red onion marmalade. Despite its name, this turned out be really rich, boasting a soft, smooth texture _ almost akin to margarine _ and intensely gamy flavor.

Wild boar pie. Lots of succulent bits of savory meat, buried beneath a buttery cloud of steaming-hot mashed potatoes. Preferable to a pastry pie, for sure.

Lynch Moussas Merlot (2004). Only one type of wine offered, but it's a keeper.

This place gets packed by 9pm (even when we were here on a regular Wednesday night earlier this month), so it might be best to book a table.

Dirty Nelly's,
27, SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7731-3719
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  1. Wahh I thot DJ is my area! ;p
    You're faster than me. But that's a pretty gd location, facing one of the main roads. Out of the usual DJ eateries cluster inside the square facin Atria
    Looks good & porky with interestin dishes. I should go soon ;p

  2. Tng: ya, I think this is only my second damansara jaya entry in two years (the only other one I can remember is the magic wok!) :D luckily it was easy to find, though I'm kinda surprised that there's nothing much that seems interesting to eat around the atria area =)

  3. The wild boar pie reminds me of shepherd's pie. :D

  4. With a name like that.. i really must go! :D pitted prunes are not my fav but I do love bacon. I wonder if I will like their version of devils on horseback?!

  5. Prunes? Ew....
    Definitely dont mind the bacon tho! :)

  6. Any idea what it's called Dirty Nelly's?

  7. sounds like a plan... i should visit this soon. Hey there is no such thing as poor man's pate ok?!! all pate are expensive, lol

  8. Wow, impressive! Atria's about to dig itself out of its yawn-inducing neighbourhood reputation with this! Prunes + bacon sound way better than this year's Oscar winners!

  9. michelle: yep, it's basically shepherd's pie, but with pork instead of beef/lamb! thank goodness too, since i like the recipe :D
    ciki: ya, i was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was! but i also enjoy the versions of devils on horseback elsewhere that use almonds instead of prunes :D
    j: heheh, but these prunes have a mellow flavor, much nicer than the artificial-tasting ones we can buy in packets at supermarkets! :D
    baby sumo: nope! though i think we saw one waitress whose name tag read "nelly" ... maybe. or maybe it's just a catchy name, heheh :D
    eiling: yep, even when u call them on the phone, they answer, "dirty nelly's, sounds like a plan." heheh, but this pate definitely cost less than RM20 :D
    min: yeah, i haven't ventured into atria in years! apparently there's still an esquire kitchen there, but i don't know what else. and after watching these year's oscars streamed live on my laptop, i have to agree with you! annette bening was robbed!

  10. almost akin to margarine? texture wise you mean? its no compliment to be compared with margarine! wow, gammon steak looks EGG!!! EVEN BETTER!!!!

  11. There are some decent eats around Atria ;) including my favourite place for a quick Japanese Fix. So...the plan is to walk here, pig out, get drunk and walk back whilst burning the sinful food and sobering up :P

  12. fbb: hehe, ya, the texture was like margarine ... really easy to spread on bread, unlike many other pates which seem to be hard and clumpy. and yeah, all the food here is totally sinful. dieters, stay away :D
    unka: oh yeah, i noticed at least one japanese shophouse outlet that seems to have been around for ages! i've been in the mood for simple, traditional japanese fare lately, so maybe i should head over there! :D

  13. Thanks for write up and support Sean. Means a lot to us especially now that we JUST opened.

    -Prem- on behalf of the team at Dirty Nelly's. Pls come by again.

  14. prem: my pleasure! will definitely be back very soon to try the burger, the beef cobbler and as much else as possible. great menu, great service, u guys did a terrific job :D

  15. Baby Sumo: there's a story to the place. Check out the poster hanging on the pub :-D

    all of the waitress are call Nelly. Just call out Nelly and they will respond. :-D

  16. think/speak: thanks for the info! will read that poster more carefully the next time, hehe :D

  17. is this the same as Durty Nelly's

  18. Connie: hmmm, not heard of that one!


    are they affiliated?

  20. connie: oh, nope, this one is malaysian-owned

  21. I do like it because it's same like my working name
    Dirty Nelly
    London W2 Lancaster rd
    +44 7551272072

  22. This is one of the worst place I have been to in recent years. Went there for the Groupon deal, and we got treated like they are feeding us a free meal. Food were served from a common platter and smacked onto your plate, there was lack of food in spite of it being advertised for a buffet deal and the entire meal took 2.5 hours! (we left then, and not all courses are finished being served at that point in time). This is absolutely a no-go place. And the best thing is that some DJ who owns the place or something mentioned on the radio that Groupon ppl are an absolutely stingy bunch. For RM40 per person and that kinda treatment given, that was one unfair statement.

  23. This place will Rip you Off. Took my wife there to enjoy the Groupon Deal and it looked like feeding time at the zoo. Absolutely Dissapointing. "Variety of Pork sausages" in the end turned out to be "RM2.50 for a pack of 12" hot-dogs from Tesco! Hey Fat Fabes this is not how you treat us Klang people, we know and love our foods. One piece of Roast pork at a buffet is ridiculous! There was NO bacon, 1/2 a slice of toast with cheese on it, one spoonfull of scrambled eggs, watered down mojitos and they expect us to sit for 3 hours waiting for them to cook.
    My take on it is the owners should raise cows or other livestock rather than treat their customers like that. Please give this place a miss, it's really not worth the money you're gonna spend...look for better pubs in KL - this is NOT one of them.