Friday, February 18, 2011

L'Ambassade d'Auvergne

France, Part IX: We had one of our favorite Parisian meals at this tavern-like outlet, where the servings come in belt-busting proportions and the food is fork-lickin' good.

L'Ambassade offers traditional recipes from the rural French province of Auvergne, one of Europe's least populated regions.

Pork is the menu's cornerstone; naturally, pork terrine accompanies the complimentary bread.

A gargantuan bowl of lentils with bacon. Deceptively simple, sumptuously rich; what made it magnificent was everything they put into this so-called "salad": goose & pork fat, shallots & mustard (for a pungent punch).

The ham from Auvergne was as satisfying as Iberico ham. No subdued flavors here.

Not for the squeamish: sliced veal head & brain with tarragon. Greasy, cholesterol-laden fare, but shockingly addictive, thanks to its melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Wild woodland mushroom cassolette. Earthy but oily.

Most customers order the "aligot," a puree of potatoes, cheese & garlic blended and stretched at the table. Comfort food that goes beyond mashed potatoes _ smooth, thick and sticky.

We fell into a carbohydrate coma after consuming this, but it was worth it. Served with a meaty country sausage that was slightly too coarse for our liking.

Sugary dessert that looked like bread but tasted like cake.

Saint Pourcain (2008).
And with that, we wrap up our French series. Au revoir, Paree!

L'Ambassade d'Auvergne,


  1. Veal head and brain? That must be a first for you.... actually when I looked at the photo, I thought it was pork belly!

    Saying that the salad was not very healthy is pretty much an understatement! :)

  3. Man, this is too rich! Rich to the point that the tummy coffers will split!

  4. the gargantuan of food! why are you still slim?!! reveal the secret! this place does look like an Irish pub.

  5. baby sumo: heheh, i like pork brains (fried with butter, quite yummy), but y'know what, veal head does kinda taste a bit like pork belly, in terms of its fatty texture and strong taste :D
    j: yaaa, absolutely nothing served in this restaurant was healthy! it's a miracle that people in auvergne don't all die from heart attacks at the age of 20! =)
    michelle: yeah, now that i look at it, i'm kinda stunned that two of us managed to finish all of that. and we still were able to walk away and visit a museum after that :D
    eiling: ergkh, i think my waist size increased by one or two inches after france! heheh, i don't think we managed to visit any bars or pub-like outlets in paris, unfortunately! :D

  6. Oh my, this is far from dainty French food. I like! I love your selection of dishes. The lentil salad with goose and pork fat sounds decadent. And that veal head + brain...omg....I can imagine how tender and tasty it is. Yes kind of meal!

  7. lemongrass: yaaa, so sad that NONE of these dishes are available here in KL! our city seriously needs a french restaurant that does much, much more than just foie gras, escargot, nicoise salad, onion soup, duck confit and tournedos rossini! :D

  8. Wow.. aft readi nthis post, it hit me hw sorely lacking KL in French cuisine!
    But then again, can Malaysians accept these dishes/

  9. Tng: ya, but I guess it'll be a long time anyway before we ever see these recipes in KL (if ever, heheh). We need more French chefs to come here! :D