Tuesday, November 23, 2010


England, Part III: This restaurant with a view serves quintessential English fare, which customers can enjoy while trying to spot ducks swim across a tranquil countryside lake.

Ploughman's salad with ham. A nutritionally balanced (albeit exceptionally hearty) meal, with crusty bread to provide carbs, alongside ham for protein and crunchy celery, cucumbers, half an apple & pickle relish for fiber & vitamins.

Crayfish & rocket leaves in brown bloomer bread. Crayfish must be plentiful (and cheap!) in this region, since this whopping sandwich cost less than seven British pounds. Lots of juicy crustacean flesh in this, drizzled with a mild salad dressing.

Lamb tikka masala burger. Perfectly logical Anglo-Indian fusion cuisine. The curry was marvelously mild; not spicy enough to scorch our taste buds, barely tickling our lips. The lamb patty was a tad too gamy for our liking, but it was thick and tender.

Char-grilled gammon steak with egg, pineapple, chips & garden peas. The smoked hog thigh had a foul pork flavor and was too tough and salty.

Grilled whole plaice with mixed salad & new potatoes. Moist, fresh fish; a simple recipe, but impeccably executed. We particularly loved the chunky, fluffy potatoes.

Pan-fried lamb liver & pork bacon, with mashed potatoes & onion gravy. Since we adore goose liver and are major fans of chicken & pork liver too, it was no surprise that we'd like lamb liver. Very strong-tasting though, so it's more of an acquired taste.

Strawberry shortcake cheesecake. Luscious; lovably luscious.

Sticky toffee pudding. Steaming hot and sumptuously rich, but not overly sweet.

Copthorne Hotel Reading, Berkshire, England.


  1. I think I will like England, they eat a lot of bread and OMG.. the desserts!!!

  2. tng: dry, crusty bread half of the time though! i kinda prefer the bread we get here, heh :D

  3. I see raw celery! Hmm... bread in Western countries tend to be crustier. I prefer them over Japanese styled pan.

  4. what a pretty hotel. Did you have a go at canoeing on the lake (and terrorising the ducks)?

  5. That grilled plaice looks wonderful. Makes me crave for sole meunière!

  6. michelle: heheh, but my jaw gets tired from chewing crusty bread :D
    lemongrass: ooh, i didn't notice any canoes for hire. anyways, i don't think i can paddle properly :D
    feed me: yep, i love the sweet taste of fresh fish! a simple, fuss-free preparation like this really brings out its flavor :D

  7. gosh u make me miss UK now...erm I prefer breads from France especially the croissant!

  8. Nice setting my must say.

    "The curry was marvelously mild..." Hmmm is that your try on British humour?

  9. cindy: ya, i think france does seem to have a wider and tastier variety of bread and pastry! even generally, i'd choose french food over british food :D
    qwazymonkey: ya, far away from the urban districts (more than an hour's drive from london). heheh, i wish i could master the dry british wit, but i can't. the truth is, i'm scared of spicy curries, since my digestive system is terrible at handling spices :D

  10. what a sumptious english meal and yes the scenery is great too!

  11. Eiling: ya, sigh, there are quite a few things about England that I miss...