Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Comida's tagline is admirably brash: "The Way We Like It." Nevertheless, the menu plays mostly by the rules, providing crowd-pleasing recipes that should prove satisfying enough for a casual evening out with close friends.

Pumpkin soup with bay leaves. As creamy as broth gets, with a natural sweetness that reminded us how a world without pumpkins would be a slightly sadder place (notwithstanding the need for a new Halloween mascot).

Pizza with pizzazz, topped with prawns, calamari, mozzarella & tomato pesto. This had the perfect thin crust, crisp & charred. Nothing refined, but _ admit it _ there's a special gratification to be achieved from chomping down on a splendidly cheesy, seafood-laden slice of pizza.

Fried steak _ battered sirloin loaded with wild mushrooms, beef bacon & cheese. Comfort food during times when the world stomps on your heart, crushes your dreams and kills your spirit. But even those of us who aren't quite experiencing that can appreciate this juicy cut.

Paella with clams, calamari, prawns & capsicum. Carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber & water, all thrown together in a cooking pot that will fill tummies and fulfill taste buds. In the end, isn't that what good food is all about?

A meal without wine is a life without love. Obviously, I'm writing this entry while mildly drunk and on a tight deadline, thanks to this Santa Carolina Premio.

Chilean red wine. Fun and fruity. Uncomplicated, like how life should be _ but isn't.

Comida (The Way We Like It),
Solaris Dutamas.


  1. Was invited fr the launch last Fri but ws too lazy ;p
    Aft tht I was bombarded with raves frm frens of hw gd the pizzas was. Darn! heheh..

    Mildly drunk? I'll take ur word fr it..cos it did seem u were quite melancholy ..

    Uncomplicated, like how life should be _ but isn't. - HOW TRUE.

    "during times when the world stomps on your heart, crushes your dreams and kills your spirit" - I can totally relate.

  2. Tng: ya, I skipped their launch last Friday too, partly cos they weren't serving a la carte orders that night. But I saw the photos of their "giant pizza eating competition," which looked really cool! I could have totally aced that competition, heheh!
    Oh I was more of ... contemplative while writing this. A bit of wine makes me jovial, too much wine makes me annoying, but somewhere in the middle, I get contemplative :D
    Your heart will heal, someday. In the meantime, we'll continue rooting for you...

  3. "Comfort food during times when the world stomps on your heart, crushes your dreams and kills your spirit."

    Wah, damn emo!

  4. I was just in a conversation recently about the perceived under-usage of pumpkin in these quarters, beyond just soup and THAT gross misappropriation of a holiday! It really is a golden fruit that deserves a bit more airtime. And re wine making one contemplative, I am surprised over and over again its ability to uplift the most downtrodden spirit - yes!! Oct the dry month is over!!

  5. Cool. Now I know where I can get soul healing food after the next time the world stomps on my heart :)

    (So deep!)

  6. Perhaps the way they like it is also the way we like it? :P

  7. michelle: heheh, just to underscore that this blog is indeed written by a person, not an automated computer program :D
    min: ya, pumpkin has been making more appearances in recent times (the bee at jaya one has pumpkin salad, while some italian outlets do pumpkin ravioli), but u're so right, it's such a versatile ingredient that should be applied more creatively and frequently! :D congrats on surviving dry month! i don't think i could have kept my sanity without any alkie for a whole month!!!
    j: ya, as much i think we shouldn't rely too much on food to help us get through the bad days, sometimes we just can't help it. anything that helps to nurse that broken heart _ without destructive effects _ would be welcome, rite...
    lfb: why do i have a song by kc and the sunshine band playing in my head right now? :D

  8. "A meal without wine is a life without love."
    LOL! HMmmm... the statement is true to some extent, but only if I had Italian or Western food.
    But then, I had Chinese food most of the times... so should I say that "a meal without tea is a life without love" instead?? I wonder... LOL!

  9. Ah ha, ah ha, someone likes it... :P

  10. Leo: Heheh, depends on how important love (or tea) is to you! :D I prefer plain water to Chinese tea though!
    Lfb: or to quote another formerly popular band ... I waaaaant it thaaaat way! :D

  11. Formerly popular? I'm sure they are still popular with certain ageing journalists... Ahem.

  12. lfb: i'll ignore that 'aging' remark, and note that with boy bands, all things are cyclical. why, even Take That have regrouped and will have a new album released on nov 15 :D

  13. Yay for Take That! Actually didn't they regroup years ago? I remember the radio hit "Patience", which I really like.

    This new "re-grouping" just means even Robbie Williams is added back to the band, methinks.

  14. lfb: yep, u're absolutely right. i loved 'patience' (gary barlow has such a great voice, sweet like honey) ... it was my caller ringtone for a few months back then. but my current ringtone is, of course, david archuleta :D

  15. isn't it a bit of waste to fry a steak? so it's still juicy as described?

  16. eiling: ya, can't really taste the beef's natural flavors this way, but luckily, it was still juicy, thanks to all the cheese and mushrooms that were stuffed together inside :D

  17. David Archuleta again? I should call you one of his Archulettuce, given your penchant for all things food-ish and David-ish. :P

  18. lfb: hmph, u dare mock the david?! for your penance, go download his top 10 debut single, 'crush,' and listen to it on repeat for three hours before bedtime tonight! :P

  19. Archulettuce. Has such a nice ring to it. I may even license the usage of it to you if you ask nicely. Go on. Try.

  20. lfb: arch-angel is the accepted term. we bask in the heavenly glow of the david, proud to be part of his celestial choir :D

  21. Q: What do Arch-angels eat?
    A: Archulettuce!


  22. lfb: *stony silence* :P

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