Friday, November 26, 2010


Aria has taken over Moxie's location at Plaza Damansara, though it still belongs to the family of outlets that comprise Bangsar's Opus, Cava, Leonardo's & Four Seas.

After a little nip and tuck, this two-story location now houses a serene Italian restaurant on the ground floor and a whiskey bar upstairs.

Aria's menu is kinda unadventurous, with nothing that KL hasn't seen before. Nevertheless, that helps it remain true to its promise of offering "traditional Italian dining."

Spaghetti vongole, cooked in Chardonnay with Venus clams. Irreproachably prepared; one of the best versions of this recipe that we've had in Malaysia, thanks to the slick, fabulously flavorsome sauce and the fat, fresh-tasting clams.

A reasonably substantial portion of seafood risotto, with more prawns, squid, mussels & other creatures of the sea packed on this plate compared to rice. Especially recommended if you enjoy tangy tomato flavors. Pasta & risotto prices here are in the regular RM20-30++ range.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild Chardonnay. Available by the glass, carafe & bottle.

Auchentoshan 12 yr & Clynelish 14 yr at the whiskey bar.

44, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2095-0016
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  1. aria is the name of a fine dining restaurant opened by an aussie celebrity chef, for a moment wait, when did he open one in KL haha.

  2. Joe: heh, wonder whether the KL folks were inspired by that restaurant when they were considering what to name this place :D

  3. Stop tempting me with carbbbbbssss! (evil!)

  4. "Irreproachably prepared; one of the best versions of this recipe that we've had in Malaysia"

    Excellent news, then. Devil loves a good vongole but always finds it hard to find a decent one. Yahoo! :)

  5. j: fasta get some pasta! resistance really is futile, heheh :D
    lfb: ya, i realize it's kinda ridiculous to compare, but i loved spaghetti vongole in venice. the ones here in kl mostly have limp, emaciated clams and one-dimensionally salty stock :D

  6. Devil does too, and feels the same about tiramisu in KL. He much prefers the homely-looking but fabulous-tasting tiramisu in Venice. Wow, you guys have a lot in common.

    (Yes, he likes see ham too. Shudders.)

  7. Unadventurous but manages to deliver. Not bad. :)

  8. lfb: heh, sounds like he and i share the same taste about everything ... except for clothes and men :D i wonder if i'll get to see venice again before i'm 40. considering the number of other places that i wanna hit before returning to italy, it's really iffy...
    michelle: yep, we were flipping through the menu and couldn't find anything that we really, really wanted to order. but thankfully, what we did try turned out to be very tasty :D

  9. I like my risotto creamy and rich. Tomato-based risotto was never my thing. ;P

    How come no dessert one?

  10. Dunno about you but I would definitely wanna head back to Venice and the rest of Italy before I hit the big 4-0. It's easily my favourite country... and Japan also. :)

  11. *yawns* ;p

    But hey, I've read promising reviews of Moxie! And it's one of those restaurants "I'm goin to visit ONE DAYYYY... " Looks like I can cross it out of the list now ;p ;p

  12. Bangsar-babe: oh yeah, I don't like tomato-based pastas and risotto if they're sourish, but this one was nice and mild, heh. Desserts seemed rather run-of-the-mill, so we skipped 'em =)
    Lfb: hmmm, I'm 24 going on 25 (ok fine, add a decade to that), but I haven't been to japan yet. Wonder if I should risk an Airasia flight :D
    Tng: ya, I only managed to visit moxie a couple of times. Liked the food, and the menu was quite creative. Maybe it would have done a bit better at jalan bangkung...

  13. You should. Must go, must go Jepun!

  14. lfb: am torn between new zealand, south korea and japan for my next trip! which i can't really plan right now anyway, since i can't jet off if there really is a general election next year (the hazards of this job)...

  15. My vote is still for Japan. Devil and I were just discussing an autumn visit to Kyoto over tea just now, with our Edinburgh pal Dr. Mouse.

    C'mon. Live a little. Japan. Japan. Japan...

  16. Lfb: autumn? Isn't it nearly winter already! Brrrrrrrr! Though the thought of xmas in japan does have a certain strange appeal to it :p

  17. was moxie really that bad that it has to be closed down?

  18. eiling: oh, moxie was actually quite good. but i assume the proprietors feel that an italian restaurant will do better business..