Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Di Wei

A surprisingly chic Chinese restaurant, with its own catwalk for some strange reason.

If you're looking for a calm venue, free from the hustle and bustle of most Chinese eateries, then Di Wei definitely fits the bill (for now).

A spicy, Szechuan-influenced tofu starter that somehow tasted freshly prepared.

The menu sticks to tried-&-tested recipes, including chilled pork trotters with scallop fringes. Superbly tender meat, with a strong boost of flavor from the savory scallops.

Roasted pork belly (siu yoke). OK, but unremarkable; not as succulent as expected.

Roast duckling, to wrap up our pre-dinner snack. Juicy but bony. Addictive, nevertheless.

Bitter Pu'Er tea.

A multitude of wines is available, but alas, none is sold by the glass.

Di Wei,
Empire Hotel Subang.
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  1. Errrm the runway is for patrons to "exercise" off the calories by doing the catwalk after eating is it??? :p

  2. Quite surprising that the duck turns out juicy. It looks dry from the pictures. :)

  3. I guess it could be quite a dining experience to slurp on some Chinese tea while watching a different sorta siew mai and har gao parading down the catwalk... ;)

  4. LOL. That catwalk in the middle of a restaurant? So random!
    (Did you see anyone strutting on it that night?)

  5. I must say that your dinner must be extravagant :P just look at ur pre-dinner Sean! Humongous portions as always...

  6. can u imagine.. a place with a catwalk that is quiet. hmmm.. i should go and strut my manolo b's there ler :P haha

  7. babe: heheh, a treadmill would work better than a catwalk! :D
    michelle: juicier than the siew yoke! =)
    lfb: the siew mais and har gaos that u invariably bid good night to online? :D
    j: nopes, there were only two tables occupied (but then again, we were gone before 8pm) :D
    joe: ah, the usual ... more meat, carbs and a little bit of booze =)
    leo: all three dishes were kind of appetizer-size! and no rice also, heheh
    ciki: yep, this place would look great if there's some sort of fashion event, with cameras clicking everywhere! :D

  8. Not every night. I like variety. Last night was cendol and chapatis (or was that this morning?)

  9. cant be some random decor rite? I mean a catwalk?? LOL.

  10. lfb: so when will cockles and oysters get their share of the spotlight :D
    tng: maybe it just looks good, heheh :D

  11. Haha, sounds like I gonna have to schedule a monring greeting for them shellfish faves of yours! ;)

  12. lfb: may every monday be a mollusk morning! :D

  13. Well, it may well me a mollusk midnight later... :P

  14. Lfb: I noticed! Am sure all your cockles and oysters were as pleased as punch! :D

  15. yeah the roast pork didn't look too juicy. why did the restaurant have a catwalk runway?!!

  16. eiling: heheh, no idea, but it's certainly eye-catching! :D