Saturday, November 6, 2010


Every suburban neighborhood needs a hangout like Vin's _ stylish without being stifling, lively but not loud. Service here is affable and efficient, in spite of the full-house crowds that have swiftly discovered this place.

The menu could be more adventurous, but it's wide-ranging enough to provide something for everyone. We were on a "lamb theme" for supper, so we went for the spicy stir-fried lamb sausages, which packed a powerful punch of meaty flavor.

Aussie lamb meatballs with tomato concasse. Tender & tasty enough to recommend.

Sea Breeze & Pina Colada cocktails.

Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


  1. The place looks quite huge for a suburban eatery

  2. Yes won't some entrepreneur grant my neighbourhood with a Vin's equivalent already?! Or I may just have to get down and open one myself!

  3. I'm looking for one in my (and Minchow's) neighbourhood but there is none yet - I really do think that she will have to open one herself! Please, dear, please do! :D

  4. Michelle: yep, a spacious shoplot that stretches quite deep! :D
    Min: I feel your pain! Yeah, both of our neighborhoods could use a Vin's. My area is packed with Chinese eateries, but not a single cocktail-serving joint. I bet if u ever do open your own place, it'd serve some WICKED cocktails! :D
    LFB: wouldn't that distract u from sanuki though? instead of making twice-weekly udon calls, u might be lured by the siren call of this new restaurant (not to mention its less tragically limited alcohol range) and completely forget your beloved :D

  5. Not if Minchow and I open this restaurant ourselves! Then we just need you to come in every single night and we'd be in business! *muahhaha*

  6. lfb: or u could close down within three months after i publish a scathing review about your tough-as-leather roast chicken, congealed pumpkin soup and watered-down mojitos :P

  7. You wouldn't dare. Minchow and I would track your Cowardly/Courageous ass down and whoop it but good. Grrr.

    (Waitaminute. Where did we have this conversation before? Creepy-nyer.)


  8. lfb: but i cannot lie about your food! i can already imagine the opening for my review: "MinKen has high hopes of providing gastronomic succor to Taman Desa's long-suffering residents, but sometimes, the road to culinary hell can be paved with the best intentions."

  9. Hahaha... Okay, the gist of that review is obviously undesirable, but "MinKen"? That sounds like a good name for a fusion Chinese-Japanese-Korean eatery.

    But hangonaminute, I thought, it was a pub/restaurant we were thinking of? :P

  10. OMG... the concept is well crystalised as we speak! Kenny, there is NO way we do not pursue this! MinKen is about to rock the very dodgy foundation of Taman Desa!

  11. All Hail MinKen! The New Wonder of Taman Desa! :D

    (We just need to make sure we satisfy Eat Drink KL's very particular tastebuds, haha.)

  12. min: i'll be your cocktail consultant! no boring bloody marys at MinKen! u'll be serving creative concoctions laced with everything from wasabi and garlic to pumpkin puree and pork bacon :D
    lfb: i'm totally not demanding at all! just make sure that recipes with lotsa eggs feature prominently on your menu! and maybe even exotic creatures like leeches :D

  13. Pork bacon cocktails? Oh, er, joy?

    Six eggs and a leech, that'd prolly keep you happy for days. (And of course, only readers who have read your udon post and our current comment conversation would have even any idea what on earth we are jabbering about...)

  14. lfb: imagine how people would come from all corners of the klang valley, from hulu kelang, bandar mahkota cheras, serdang jaya and kota kemuning just to sample a cocktail they can't find anywhere else! :D 'six eggs and a leech' ... see, such a great recipe, u can just slap those five words on the menu, with no fancy name, no description needed, and we'll all order it! :P

  15. I just discussed this with Minchow over lunch and we both agreed most of our potential clientele would just run away at the mere mention of LEECH.

    Then again, as I try and argue, if we could only retain you as our main customer, your appetite alone could keep us in business! :P

    P.S. Oh dear, would your blog be renamed Eat Drink MinKen then? Sounds ominous... Err...

  16. Vin's sounds like a place that serves wine, no? so their signature dishes are the lamb?

  17. lfb: but u could fill an entire page of the menu with leech recipes! leech sashimi, leech thai green curry, spaghetti aglio olio with sauteed leaches :D
    p.s. *licks lips*
    eiling: supposedly their spaghetti bolognese uses a lamb mince that's really tasty! :D

  18. Oh joy. I am fainting with excitement. A leech menu. *grabs business partner minchow and runs for the hills*

    P.S. Er, we take that back. Like, very quickly. :P

  19. lfb: yay! there are lots of leeches in those muddy, swampy, thickly forested hills :D
    p.s. ceh. *goes back to chewing on own fingernails instead*

  20. Where got muddy or swampy or thickly forested hills? Taman Desa is the quiant sorta countryside sorta Desa lah, not the George of the Jungle variety. Cis.

    P.S. That, also, ewww.

  21. lfb: am sure if u went digging through the bushes and the longkangs, u'd find some leeches (though be sure to wash them thoroughly before serving!)
    p.s. have to make do, since human flesh unavailable. when one doesn't have mars candy bars, cadbury will do :P

  22. If I had to personally go digging through the bushes and the longkangs, I'm not sure I wanna open MinKen after all... Too. Much. Sacrifice. :P

    P.S. Did you just compare biting your own fingernails to Cadbury chocolate? Heavens.

  23. lfb: am sure u'll be employing grateful illegal immigrants from myanmar and bangladesh for menial tasks, like so many other outlets (no xenophobia intended!) :P
    p.s. i dip my fingers for 10 minutes in rose-scented water every morning, so that they taste good all day long :D

  24. Yes, but I'd have been a kind boss and not want them to get all, you know, leeched. I need them to be strong and steady for the restaurant work! :P

    P.S. Will the eww-ness never end? Guess you're lucky most of your readers just read the post and not the comments else they may jolly lose their entire appetites... :P

  25. lfb: strong and steady for the work of serving the customers, or for something equally exhausting that u have planned for them behind the kitchen? wink, wink :P
    p.s. wait till u get trapped in a collapsed building for several days. then u'll remember my words, and survive the ordeal by eating your fingernails :D

  26. Well, multi-tasking does come with its own rewards...

    P.S. How very '127 Hours' of you. Though, given your cannibalistic streak, you'd probably go all 'Alive' on your fellow passengers if you ever end up stranded on the Andes after a plane crash...

    P.P.S. Choi, choi, why are we even discussing the above? Bad luck to say such things lah.

  27. lfb: this is how some employers end up in jail, y'know.
    p.s. i did think that 'alive' was quite a fun, feel-good movie :D
    p.p.s. since when u became superstitious. ok lah ... may lightning strike me twice if u ever get trapped in a collapsed building because of my words! :P

  28. Some, yes. The clever ones get all the fringe benefits. Tee hee.

    P.S. Not surprised, not surprised.

    P.P.S. Actually, not at all superstitious. Just always wanted to say "choi, choi" but never had the occasion present itself till now. :D

  29. lfb: if u provide customers with some of those fringe benefits too, then i might be a regular :D
    p.s. hey, let's organize a trekking expedition in a remote and dangerous are where people often get lost! :P
    p.p.s. doesn't 'choi, choi' usually come with a phrase after that to emphasize the point ... something like 'choi choi tai ker lai see' if memory serves me!

  30. Maybe I can get persuade some of my staff to consider this offer? Hahaha... So wrong, so very, very wrong. Min's gonna kill me.

    P.S. Why on earth would we want to do that??? ... Oh. Cis.

    P.P.S. That's too "auntie" lah. First two words cukup dah.

  31. lfb: well, maybe some of the female customers wouldn't mind these fringe benefits either :D
    p.s. i hear the outback is beautiful this time of the year :P
    p.p.s. but perhaps it's the last few words that really seal the deal, complete the spell and prevent misfortune from striking :P

  32. Haha, I bet. ;)

    P.S. Outback. Sighs, not been back to Oz in TEN years. So lama ago...

    P.P.S. Or it makes one sound like an auntie.

  33. lfb: i wonder if i know any of the potential female customers u're thinking about :D
    p.s. i've only been once! to attend a friend's wedding. but it wasn't a comprehensive snapshot of the country, since i spent 10 days in adelaide and 2 days in sydney only! :D
    p.p.s. still waiting for the building to collapse on u. i hear a lot of the structures on jln tun razak are creaky...

  34. Haha, somehow I think you do... :P

    P.S. I only spent two days more than you, and all of it in Melbourne. Me needs more more more...

    P.P.S. Kinda hard for that to happen when I spend most of my time driving around Klang Valley or flying round the country... :P

  35. lfb: we're naming no names, issit :D
    p.s. i'm not sure i'd recommend adelaide. though i wouldn't mind spending a few days in melbourne, from what i've heard about it. anyways, before i return to oz, i think i'd aim for nz first though...
    p.p.s. a building by the road could topple on moving cars too, y'know...

  36. A gentleman never kisses and tells. (And yes, by gentleman I mean ME lah. Cis.)

    P.S. I'd probably head for Melb and Tasmania. NZ if I got the moolah. Jauh lah tu.

    P.P.S. Uhm, "choi choi tai ker lai see"? :P

  37. lfb: well, u are indeed more gentlemanly than knavely. but i'm sure even clark gable smooched and spilled the beans at some point :P
    p.s. repeat trip to melbourne? wow, sounds like it's a real attraction, eh. airasia x flies to nz also mah...
    p.p.s. very good, auntie :D

  38. Not that we know of. And that's exactly the point. ;)

    P.S. Eh, they do? I didn't know that. *reconsiders Oz in favour of Kiwi*

    P.P.S. You speaking to mirror, is it? :P

  39. lfb: because we haven't read clark gable's biography mah (i'm still struggling with chanel's)...
    p.s. yeps, to christchurch, starting early next year. take me along in your suitcase, i wanna see hobbits! :D
    p.p.s. the mirror has two faces :P

  40. P.P.S. Good one, you Streisand fan you.

    P.S. If it was Frodo/Mr. E. Wood, I wouldn't mind doing a little more than just "seeing", if you know what I mean... ;)

    And hurry up with Clark Gable and Chanel, cos I got Kate Hepburn waiting for you. (And I will - probably - try to hit the WKW interview bit this weekend on your Criterion DVD. Maybe.)


  41. p.p.s. i finally fooooooooooound someone! (but why we starting with the p.p.s and going backwards)
    p.s. not my favorite hobbit. though i suppose much preferable to sam :D
    i'll probably take as long with the book as u did with the dvd. slow reader :D yay, i'll have to think of where to drag u and ck out so that we can exchange merchandise. out of your tmn desa comfort zone, for sure :P

  42. P.P.S. Uhm, comment fatigue? :P

    P.S. Which is your fave, then? I'd imagine the others were much older than your usual range, haha.

    But Taman Desa is so much fun... Okay, even I am not convinced by myself. LOL

  43. lfb: p.p.s. u're mixing up your blogdiseases lah. this isn't a symptom of comment fatigue :P
    p.s. should be no surprise that merry (dominic monaghan) was my fave :D
    'anywhere but taman desa' is my new motto :P

  44. That's one lame motto. :P

    P.S. Actually all those bromance pix of him and Elijah/Frodo were kinda sweet, hehe.

    P.P.S. It isn't?

  45. lfb: i'm lovin' it (to quote another great motto) :D
    p.s. entertainment weekly recently reunited the hobbits for a photo spread and interview. they're all ageless! (though sam seems to have snacked on too many snickers)
    p.p.s. it could be dyslexia :P

  46. You're lovin' Taman Desa, you mean? I knew you would come around. Heh.

    P.S. Oh they didn't? I gotta go get a copy! I used to be so addicted to all their interviews about the off-screen fun they had horsing around, lil hobbity brothers and all.

    P.P.S. The same thing Tom Cruise has? Couldn't be that bad. He's a zillionaire. And was married to Nicole Kidman too, once.

  47. lfb: 'love' is too strong a word. or too wrong :P
    p.s. if it's out of stock, u can borrow my copy. yep, more tales of horsing around in this interview (u might think they hardly worked at all!)
    p.p.s. nobody is a zillionaire lah. even trillionaire so hard to find :D

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