Thursday, November 25, 2010

Merienda de Eva

One of KL's few outlets that offer Filipino fare. It's a cozy cafe with fairly priced food, though its pork-free tenet prevents it from serving non-halal recipes.

Pancit Canton (stir-fried egg noodles with cubed chicken, shrimp & mixed veggies). Surprisingly addictive, even though it tasted Chinese; the noodles were piping-hot and perfectly prepared, with a pleasant chewiness that went so well with the thick, flavorsome gravy.

Relleneng Manok (deboned minced chicken, steamed then roasted to lock in the flavor). Another bona fide hit; the meat was chunky, tender and fresh-tasting, nicely seasoned and stuffed with cheese, turkey ham & herbs.

We had mixed feelings about the desserts. The Buko Salad, featuring young coconut, fruits & cream, was hard, clumpy and frosty, like it had been in the freezer for hours.

The Halaya pudding proved better, with a creamy texture and mild, milky taste. Basically violet yam, grated and boiled with coconut milk & sugar, then served chilled.

Custard-like Maja Blanca _ coconut milk pudding with corn kernels.

Cassava pudding (tapioca cooked with shredded young coconut & nata de coco). I loathed this, but my companion loved it. Tasted like something regurgitated, I'd say.

Similar to how Cagayan at Centrepoint in Bandar Utama serves not only Filipino food but Japanese dishes too, Merienda de Eva has many non-Filipino options on its menu, including Salisbury steak and grilled salmon.

Merienda de Eva,
50-G Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2092-2072
Closed Sundays. Last orders at around 8 p.m.


  1. What? Filipino with no pork? How can? It's like having sex without climax. Chis.

  2. LOL!
    I have yet to read tht u loathed anything. It must be that foul huh...

  3. Qwazymonkey: ah, u can enjoy some food foreplay here, then proceed elsewhere after that for a porky orgasm! :D
    Tng: oh, I'd definitely recommend the savory dishes, but the desserts are an acquired taste, heheh

  4. My sister said that those noodles look like yee mee.

  5. Oh my. The presentation of the desserts are... erm... interesting.
    (Lol. Looks like they really just sliced out a piece and slapped it on a plate... Simple n straightforward tho, I guess)

  6. filipino cuisine w/o pork is like elvis w/o the pelvis

  7. Ditto what Monkey said... No pork? How can? :(

  8. I remember the cassava pudding. My Filipino maid used to make it and feed it to me when I was kid. I didn't like it either. =P

  9. Filipino food without pork? That rules out all my favourite Filipino food! What a pity, because I was hoping for more Filipino food options in KL.

  10. I agree... how can they serve Filipino fares without pork??? I'm sure that they want to tap into the Malay market as well

  11. I feel so sorry for the desserts looking so hapless that I'd probably eat them purely out of pity!

  12. michelle: very similar, yeah, so if u like yee mee, then u'll like this one :D
    j: oh ya, that's exactly what they did! and all i did too was just lazily point my camera at the plates and shoot, heheh =)
    ciki: ahh, but the (erm, overweight) elvis of the late '60s and '70s had no discernible pelvis, and he still managed to produce great, great hits like 'suspicious minds,' 'the wonder of you' and 'a little less conversation' :D
    lfb: ohh, but there are still a small handful of pork-free filipino recipes, so that's what this place serves. supposed to be authentic too, since there's a real aunty eva from the philippines who's living in kl now and was in charge of putting all these recipes on the menu :D
    bangsar-babe: phew, thank goodness i'm not the only one who doesn't like it either. though in general, i'm not a major fan of coconut-based desserts. i like my santan in savory dishes =)
    lemongrass: ya, it's kinda skewed that there are like 1,000 thai restaurants in kl and 200 indonesian restaurants, but barely even five filipino ones! (and only a few myanmarese ones too, heheh)
    leo: oh ya, since they're mainly serving the breakfast/lunch/tea crowd, their customers should mainly be the office workers at plaza damansara. i do hope they're doing well though...
    min: ooooh, that brings a whole new meaning to 'tea and sympathy,' heheh. oh btw, i think prices for some of the desserts/pastries here are discounted after 5pm... :D

  13. @Sean: So the authenticity is supposed to be stemming from the fact the Aunty Eva is a real aunty? :P

    Just kiddin' la. Was just teasing you about the babi. :)

    @Sean's response to LL: Then hor, we got any Singaporean restaurants in KL har? And if not, why not leh, you think? :D

  14. haha the pancit word reminds me of tayar pancit! wah I haven't been online for days!

  15. Lfb: u know what we should do with cheeky boys like u ... send aunty Eva over to give u a good lecture! :D hmmm malaysians are jealous of Singapore, and we wish we had invented Singapore chili crab and Singapore bee hoon? :p
    Eiling: heheh, I only found out a while back that pancit means noodles in tagalog. But anyways, welcome back online =)

  16. Hehe just a good lecture? No spanking? Pity.

    Malaysians aren't jealous of Singapore la, just not fast enough sometimes. We come up with the delicious dishes, share with them, then they do branding ala Singapura. Smart flers. :P

  17. Lfb: I could imagine an elegant Filipino aunty with a long, thick rattan cane (apologies if u're reading this, aunty Eva!).
    I like Singapore nasi lemak. Got cockles instead of anchovies :D

  18. Long and thick? Now you're talking... :)

    Cockles? You lost me there again... :P

  19. Lfb: it hurts a LOT more that way, y'know...
    Singaporeans have such good taste. Who needs ikan bilis anyway :D

  20. I absolutely loved the food at Merienda De Eva especially their Strawberry Cheesecake, Pineapple meringue, Lamingtons,Lumpia, Grilled Chicken and Lasagna. There is something in the menu for everyone.If you didnt like the cassava pudding, you should try their strawberry cheesecake. Its excellent!

  21. Regina: thanks for the recommendations! Yep, some of the stuff u mentioned certainly looked good on the display counter! Will keep them in mind :D

  22. Do you know if there isany other Filipino restaurant in KL?
    Thanks V

  23. Quekky: not currently, i think. there used to be one at centrepoint in bandar utama, but it closed...

  24. Is this restaurant still open?? We traveled almost 1 hr from KL but when we reach the place its notice in the fb?????

  25. Wasting our time,,,just a nice fb photos and lots of show off but can't post if they are closed during this day...very bad.....