Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Vanilla Place

Not sure what its name is intended to mean, but this is one of those no-frills, cozy cafes that have become de rigueur at every decent KL shopping mall.

The menu is nondescript, but we had no real complaints about this hearty salad comprising smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, cucumber, onions & sunflower seeds with honey mustard dressing. Nevertheless, if only we were more hardworking, we might be able to whip up a tastier recipe at home.

"Hawaiian Toss," with haloumi cheese, honey-roasted chicken, pineapple, papaya, coconut, red & yellow capsicum & cashew nuts with mustard dressing. The combo seemed similar to one of Marmalade's salads, but this version tasted lackluster.

Cucumber mint & orange carrot juices.

The Vanilla Place,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.


  1. Must admit I walked past this a few times and decided it ain't very exciting.

  2. Boo_licious: ya, even the cakes at the display counter seem a bit too ordinary, though I'll try to return to taste them eventually :D

  3. Michelle: I think it's kinda catchy, heheh. Though it could give an impression of blandness :D

  4. I guess we all prefer something less... vanilla. Ahem.

    P.S. I can't imagine you whipping up any recipe at home (much less a tastier one) considering you don't even have a functional kitchen... :P

  5. those chairs looks vaguely familiar *cough* the hill *cough*

  6. Oh dear. Well the food looks healthy at least, I guess...

  7. Actually I love healthy food.. but if i'm here at ESG, I would be distracted by the other outlets lor..

  8. lfb: there are no kinky cafes in kl. ahem :P
    p.s. hmmm, all i need to do is buy a knife and, errmm, maybe a plate/bowl, rite. after all, salads contain mostly uncooked ingredients :D
    augustdiners: ooh, issit? it was too dark at the hill to notice! :D
    j: oh yeah, a rare stop with barely any meat and no booze at all! maybe i should do this more often, heheh...
    tng: ya, the mall is starting to fill up very nicely with food outlets! definitely the best hangout in subang these days :D

  9. actually, this place is pretty awesome. they serve u pavlova for only RM8.80. and its one of the best i had in malaysia. and their macaroons also so delicious just like the one i had in ausy b4. and not to forget, the mushroom soup. its so delicious and rich. i think u guys need to try the food first before judging it. many bloggers recommend this place as well.

  10. joo: thanks for the info. you're right, it's been more than a year since i was here. i should return to check it out again =)