Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cookie Cat

This quiet but quirky bake shop _ hidden within a Subang serviced apartment block _ whips up tiny treats that might make dessert lovers purr with delight.

We kicked off with three types of cookies: butter, mocha chunks, and chocolate chip & raisin. The butter one was strange but superb, with a surprising sponginess reminiscent of cake. The other two were OK _ crisp and fresh-tasting, but not as rich as expected.

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched with a chocolate chip cookie on top & a double chocolate cookie at the bottom. Sinfully sugary and blissfully messy to eat.

Chocolate and orange poppyseed cupcakes. Moist and tasty enough to satisfy.

Three more: chocolate with nutella & almonds, classic butter & red velvet with cream cheese. Ideal for anyone who prefers a relatively light layer of frosting on their cupcakes.

Choc fudge brownie. Perfectly executed; not too sweet or cloying.

Blondie Brownie sundae _ thick vanilla ice cream with choc sauce over a mashed-up white choc brownie laced with peanut butter. Pleasures don't get much guiltier than this.

Hot chocolate, cold juice.

The Cookie Cat,
Ground Floor, Casa Tiara Apartments,
SS16, Persiaran Kemajuan Subang, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5622-2602
Open Sat-Tues & Thurs, 11am-9pm.


  1. AHHHH! The ice cream sandwich!!!!!! Looks so good! :(

  2. Hmm it's near my second home. Is it worth me rejuggling logistics, work and stuff to pop by?

  3. This time you skipped past any mains and straight into another round of dessert OD?? Lol.
    (I dont see how you weren't bouncing off the walls after all that...)

  4. Didn't know you had such a sweet tooth... that's a whole lotta sugary treats!

    Nutella = Kenny likes. Almonds = Devil likes. Nutella almond chocolate = Match made in Heaven! :D

  5. I want the Blond Brownie Sundae!! How did you manage to find this hidden gem? :)

  6. is this place new? I haven't noticed it before.

  7. michelle: might have been even nicer with some added peanut butter, heheh
    haz: they do delivery to nearby areas, i think (and takeaway, of course)! can try giving them a call if u need a sugar fix =)
    j: oh, this was supposed to be a pre-dinner snack ... but we ended up quite full after this and could only eat a few dishes for dinner :D
    lfb: i like protein and starch better than sugar, but i can't resist a good cookie or cupcake either! :D sean likes cockles ... so nutella almond cockle would be perfect for the three of us to share =)
    bangsar-babe: word-of-mouth for this place has been quite positive! i guess maybe subang doesn't have too many options for desserts like these :D
    eiling: oh, it's been around for several months, but subang's not my regular hangout, so it took me a long time to finally visit this place :D

  8. Hmm. Methinks Devil and I will pass, thank you very much. Sean can cockle all the way back home... Wee wee wee... :P

  9. lfb: is there a psychological term for an obsession with cockles. can't find any such condition on the web (maybe i'm the first!). wonder what a psychiatrist might say...

  10. nice place and I think it's quite a dream to own a little cafe like this :D

  11. Lfb: now why does that sound like a sexual addiction? :p
    Babe_KL: Oh yeah, it's a family-run place, and they look like they're having fun :D

  12. Cos when Sean thinks of see ham, he thinks of sex? (Oh gosh, I was just kiddin' - please tell me you DON'T.)

  13. Lfb: no, but they both might evoke the same physiological response from me :D

  14. Let's hope you don't mean a gag reflex. :P

  15. Chocolate and orange poppyseed cupcakes..?! what a great find!

  16. Kenny! Life for Beginners! I don't know if you remember me, Dizzy (you read my blog that's now vanished). Guess what, The Cookie Cat is run by my mother!

    That aside, thanks so much Sean for a lovely write up. Pleasant surprise. My mother found you quite curious and was concerned that you were tackling everything on our menu like a champion. You were quite the topic of speculation during our last family dinner haha. The photos are fantastic by the way. Thanks again for stopping by.

  17. Lfb: no matter how hard it gets, always try to swallow, y'hear ... always :p
    Ciki: if u have sweet tooth, then make a bee-line for this place ... like a moth to a flame ... ok, no more insect metaphors :D
    Cookiecat: heheh, small world, eh? But yeah, I did behave like a, ermm, curious cat, asking her lots of questions (thankfully, she was patient with me!). Wish I had packed some more cookies to take away, but next time, heheh

  18. @Sean: ....

    @the cookie cat: Dizzy! Of course, I remember you! Oh gosh, what a small world! That chocolate with nutella & almonds has so got my name on it. (And if I'm feeling nice, Devil can have a bit too. Hehe.)

  19. Sean: Hehe my mother's supernatural enough to remember everyone after a visit or two. she also recognizes newcomers, but you must have been the most interesting one! (PS: She loves it when people ask about her baking)

    Also can I just add that our bake shop phone number is actually 03 56222 602? We close earlier on Fridays (7pm).

    Kenny: Come over sometime! I might not be there, but if I am we could definitely hang out for a bit.

  20. lfb: i assume u can't speak cos u've got something in your mouth rite now :D
    cookiecat: well, your mom's a wonderful baker and a gracious host. will try to remember to check out your hot meals sometime too! =)

  21. I love the desserts at cookiecat! Particularly the white choc/peanut butter combo in the blondies. the blondie brownie sundae looks new to me though, i need to try it!

    as an aside: it's usually hard for me to order cupcakes for events, particularly hen nights.

    on previous occasions, from other more familiar cupcake shops, they come very pretty but most people cannot stomach more than one, it tastes like sugar and icing je.

    when I ordered cookiecat's cupcakes, everyone loved them cause the hen night designs were quite scandalous, and the cakes were baked very well.

    even the bride's mother made sure we set aside some of the cupcakes for her after the party :P

    should try the red velvet cupcakes too!

  22. lainie: scandalous designs? heheh, i can't quite imagine this shop producing such things, but i'll take your word for it! :D

  23. @Sean: I'm speechless cos you render me so. You got that effect on me, mate. Your words... sometimes... hard to digest. :P

    @the cookie cat: Yes, must! Not my part of town at all, but I shall be there... one day. (Let's just hope it doesn't take as long as it did for me to finish watching the DVD Sean lent me... which reminds me, I STILL haven't started on that... Er...)

    @Lainie: Harlo harlo! Haven't seen you in AGES either! Howse you? :D

  24. Lfb: so sweet, a reunion of kindred spirits! As sweet as the cookie cat's cookies!
    And yeah, I've given up hope on u ever watching the DVD. No matter how many times u say u'll do it some weekend, heheh :D

  25. just a head's up :)

  26. Lainie: eep! but thanks ... Oh well... =)