Sunday, November 7, 2010

T Forty Two

A relaxed restaurant linked to Ms. Read at the heart of Empire Shopping Gallery.

A "High T for Two" set is available even at night. We munched on these warm, buttery scones at nearly 9 p.m. on a quiet weekday, but they still tasted fresh and crumbly, as if they'd been made barely an hour earlier. Served with thick clotted cream & boysenberry jam.

Decent sandwiches are included in this 40 ringgit set: a threesome comprising (1) cucumber, cream cheese & chives, (2) smoked salmon with wasabi mascarpone, & (3) egg mayonnaise with watercress. Looked light, but they were surprisingly filling.

The sole item we tried that wasn't from the set: Quiche Provencal, comprising sun-dried tomatoes, basil & a blend of premium cheeses. Savory and creamy enough to recommend.

Moist, flavorsome carrot cake. An expertly prepared version of what could otherwise have easily been a cliched dessert. Sometimes, all you need is carrot cake.

Coffee & iced peach tea to round up a worthwhile spread. Alas, no booze is served.

T Forty Two Salon de The,
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.


  1. Another boutique cum restaurant outlet?!

  2. Michelle: this one takes its food seriously and does it well, thankfully! :D

  3. Warm scones at night? That sounds enticing actually. Usually all one gets is the usual all-day English/American breakfast fry-ups.

  4. lfb: yep, there's no reason why scones should be reserved for brekkie or tea only (just like how cocktails can be a morning treat) :P i nearly never order breakfast fry-ups though, cos they're just too greasy and salty but not particularly tasty (even the eggs can't save 'em!) :D

  5. I can SOOOO imagine you drinking cocktails in the mornig. How very Blanche DuBois of you.

  6. I haven't stepped into Empire since my one and only visit many many moons ago. Yup, Ms Read takes its food seriously. Scones at night is great. They don't have a kitchen, though, do they?

  7. Scones! U think tis is better thn Haute Food Co ones?
    atr plc I heard is gd is Bangsar - smokehouse. I haven't tried tho.
    plaza damas also got Angelic tea scone plc. to go scone-y adventure nw ;)

  8. oooh they have scones?!! sounds good. Hey, are you an alcoholic that you'll need a booze in the afternoon tea menu?! haha

  9. lfb: did you mean blanche dubois from streetcar or blanche devereaux from the golden girls? if it was the latter, u'd have more in common with her, considering the insatiable carnal appetite that is the trademark of both of you :D btw, i have had cocktails in the morning ... delicious, as well as the blue cow cafe at plaza damas, serve them, but u'll have to ask for the separate cocktail menu, since the waiters usually don't hand them out during daytime :D
    lemongrass: i'm actually quite surprised at how empire gallery is progressing pretty well. several interesting eateries have opened in the past few months (though very few of them serve alcohol!) this one might have a mini-kitchen though ... they prepare fresh salads, and they're planning to expand their menu soon to include main courses :D
    tng: ooh, i think different folks like their scones different ways. i like the ones that are served for afternoon tea at carcosa seri negara!
    the best ones are so addictive ... one is not enough! (especially with excellent clotted cream)
    eiling: some wine or cocktails would go nicely with the sandwiches! but yes, i do believe that every meal _ even if it's nasi lemak or char kuey teow _ can be complemented with booze, heheh...

  10. "...since the waiters usually don't hand them out during daytime..."

    The fact you even had to mention this... HILARIOUS. :P

  11. lfb: it's discrimination, really! i can tell u from experience that returning to the office after a booze-y brekkie/lunch and working while drunk does nothing to undermine one's output. *hic*

  12. lfb: hand me that champagne flute first :P