Saturday, August 12, 2017

Paperfish @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

By Aiman Azri


This year's Judges' Choice Winner at Urbanscapes' Tiffin Throwdown: Battle of the Poke Bowls, Paperfish is all about letting you choose the perfect combination of wholesome deliciousness that is the poke bowl. By now, most F&B enthusiasts in KL are familiar with this Hawaiian-inspired raw seafood salad adaptation, now typically featuring plenty of sliced & cubed salmon & tuna mixed up with lots of other fresh accompaniments for flavours that come harmoniously together.


Paperfish strives to satisfy with ingredients that are prepared fresh daily; some can run out from time to time (we missed out on the kimchi when we visited in the evening). The restaurant's reliance on sauce is kept to a minimum, as the team here wants the core ingredients to shine.


Whatever combination you choose, Paperfish will craft your poke bowl on the spot. For the poke, Paperfish recommends either the Shoyu Salmon or Spicy Salmon, both favourites among regulars. The poke is mixed & matched with your choice of base, sides & toppings.

Many Paperfish fans have their poke bowls with a base of quinoa, and we can see why – it's a tasty alternative to rice, and Paperfish does not skimp on the portion. We sampled three poke bowl combos, with the one constant of ebiko shrimp roe in all the bowls.  


The Spicy Salmon (RM 19.90) pairs salmon sashimi with sriracha for a pleasant spicy finish. We went for a quinoa base and chose tomato, edamame, corn and carrots as our sides – a clean-tasting medley that enables the fish to remain the star. Top this off with crispy salmon skin for textural crunch.


The Shoyu Tuna (RM 18.90) is for those who adore sweet and luscious tuna. We packed this bowl with brown rice and a mix of chuka seasoned seaweed, shredded egg, bell peppers and cashews. The chuka was the standout complement for us - sweet-salty and silky smooth. We could happily have it in every bowl.


We had the Mango Salsa Shrimp (RM 18.90) with baby greens. Unlike the fish, the shrimp is cooked, so this is the option for those resisting raw seafood. We had this with tamago, sesame seeds, furikake, spring onions and more mango. The tamago bolstered the punchiness of this bowl, and the mango made it the most refreshing bowl overall.


Portions are substantial enough for a meal on its own. If you're planning a takeaway, a Paperfish poke bowl is good for eight hours if refrigerated, though it’s recommended to be consumed within the hour. Many thanks to Paperfish for trying to bowl us over.


Paperfish TTDI
Daily, 10am – 10pm | Tel: 03--2385 0007
26, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. I always can't make up my mind when asked to at that sandwich place so I end up going some place else for something else. LOL!!!

    1. Suituapui: variety is the spice of a sandwich ... or a poke bowl! :D

  2. Unfortunately local poke bowls are not reflective of the original Hawaiian version which is simple , well marinated raw seafood served on rice. The numerous add ons like seaweed, vegetables and other toppings detract from what should be the star on the plate namely fresh raw seafood. Thats what poke is all about. Waiting for someone to offer the authentic stuff locally.

    1. BBW Fan: you have a good point, though it's not an issue that's limited to kl. most of the poke bowls we'll find in other cities right now are also the modern mainland u.s. adaptations that have become trendy over the past several years. it'll be interesting to see if someone locally attempts the traditional version :)

    2. Yeah - once you've had the original poke bowl its hard to get on board with the modernised fru fru version 😊

  3. Oh, I don't mind this version of poke bowls at all as the addition of sides give the bowl a more complete mouth feel of various tastes and textures while keeping the price down (with less fish...hehe!).

    1. Contact.ewew: that's definitely another good way to look at it! I guess it depends on the context - if we were on vacation in Hawaii, we'd definitely want the original, heh - and both the traditional and the trendy poke bowls can taste satisfying in their own fashion ;)

  4. I never try any poke bowls but I like the concept choose your favourite ingredients! I'm eye-ing on quinoa, Salmon, edamame & crispy fish skin!

    1. Choi Yen: that sounds like a great combination! :D

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