Eat Drink KL: YouMiQi Cuisine @ Old Klang Road

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

YouMiQi Cuisine @ Old Klang Road

Scarcely 400 meters from Mid Valley, this recent entry to Old Klang Road offers interesting Chinese Shunde-style specialties that make it worth a visit or two.

Start with a steamboat-like stew, brimming with whatever seafood you'd select from the menu.

Our picks: Braised mud crabs, tiger prawns & mactra clams, complemented with roast pork belly & bean curd strips for extra bite & flavor.

The crab tastes as fresh & meaty-juicy as we could have hoped for. A real pleasure.

Ideal for a cold night. We'd have liked to cast some fish into this mix, but those one-kilogram catfish & groupers would make the expense sting too much. With 800 grams of crab, 300 of prawns & 500 of clams, the cost for this stew surpassed RM150.

Clay pot rice, topped with eel; another piping-hot, appetite-arousing recipe.

The slickly firm, well-separated feel of the grains is terrific, but more generous portions of eel might make this more flavorsome. Still, for RM35++, it's not a ripoff.

Offal lovers can make merry at YouMiQi, thanks to treats like pork heart steamed with plums ...

... pork tongue irresistibly fried with broccoli (RM25++) ...

... & funky-looking chicken giblets (RM25++) that supply a springy crunch. Tastes rarely come more acquired than this.

Surprise! YouMiQi imposes no corkage charge, so bring every bottle you can carry.

This restaurant can get packed during peak dinner hours; head here before 7pm or after 9am to stave off the risk of being turned away. Service is efficient but polite at best.

YouMiQi is on Jalan Klang Lama; it'll be on your left as you drive toward Mid Valley, just before the Valenza budget hotel, where customers can park.

YouMiQi Cuisine (restaurant photos snapped after every customer had left),
57, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7980-0855
Open daily for lunch & dinner

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