Eat Drink KL: Jamaica Jammin' @ Lexy's Secret Service

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jamaica Jammin' @ Lexy's Secret Service

What strange culinary voodoo has Lexy wrought? A Jamaican-themed supper club hosted by witchy-woman cook Lex Subramaniam brought a bit of Kingston to Kuala Lumpur this month, leaving guests in a Caribbean state of stomach.

Jerks seem most welcome here, of the spice-rubbed chicken-wing variety, of course.

 Curry goat with pumpkin, almost deliciously surreal enough to have us pattering in Patois.

Suck 'em marrow outta 'em bones, honey chile. They'll keep you safe 'n' sound.

Jamaica's informal national dish, Rice & Peas, nicknamed 'Coat of Arms,' a Sunday lunch staple for island inhabitants. Rice stewed with coconut milk & kidney beans.

Spicy coleslaw & roti breads cast a satisfying spell on our stuffed stomachs.

Banana fritters, avocado mango salsa & lemon compote: it's a deluge of delights.

Creamy coconut rice pudding. A little bit, just enough, just right.

Lulled by hypnotic reggae beats & copious booze that included rum cocktails & homemade chocolate vodka, we could happily have slept over at Sentul's FHL Sports biking store, the home of Lexy's supper clubs.

This theme isn't random; Lexy spent time in Brixton, absorbing the London district's Jamaican influences sufficiently to recreate the flavors & textures of this gastronomic exotica.
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Lexy's Secret Service Supper Club,
FHL Sports, Bangunan Perdagangan D-6, Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur