Eat Drink KL: Old China Cafe @ Balai Polis

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old China Cafe @ Balai Polis

One of KL's most atmospheric restaurants, Old China Cafe oozes enough charm to bowl over multiple busloads of tourists curious to sample Nyonya favorites.

Nevertheless, this destination deserves to draw Malaysians too; the food's decent, featuring plenty of pork to help it stand out somewhat.

Pork pongteh (RM16). The essential meat-&-potatoes recipes; could be more aromatic, but still passably pleasurable, with a surprising home-cooked feel.

Siew yok devil's curry (RM25), sufficient pork belly to feed four. Toned down slightly in spiciness.

Sambal belacan, alongside rice beautifully colored with bunga telang. Hits the right notes.

Wine is available by both bottle & glass, not to be taken for granted at Nyonya eateries.

The menu's extensive, also boasting the likes of pie tee, ju hu char, stuffed tauhu, pork lor bak, itik tim, kari kapitan, udang petai, chap chai, telur cincalok, sago gula melaka, bubur pulut hitam.

Be warned: this place gets packed for dinner. Folks might be turned away even on Monday night; these photos were snapped once the chaos subsided.

This entry is dedicated to the memory of my loving grandfather, a wonderful man who made many sacrifices for his family, who was adored by his friends, who treated us with gentleness, who was intelligent, kind, hardworking & curious about the world. He was a born-&-bred Malaccan who enjoyed Nyonya food from time to time; one of his favorites was Donald & Lily's in our hometown. R.I.P. Francis Leong Tow Ngoh (Ah Kong), March 30, 1919 - July 25, 2013.

Old China Cafe,
11, Jalan Balai Polis, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2072-5915
Last orders at 10pm daily