Thursday, August 11, 2011

Upper Deck

Tanzini has formally opened its 29th-floor pavilion for nightly dining, calling it "Upper Deck" _ a standalone restaurant with its own chef, a unique menu & a warm new look.

There are no a la carte selections here. Instead, customers are restricted to a set menu, with prices fixed at RM155++ for four courses, RM185++ for five and RM215++ for six. The menu will likely be changed every few weeks.

Upper Deck's food is tastier than Tanzini's downstairs. Loved the crab tartare _ densely packed, elegantly plated & gently seasoned with herbs that evoked a European garden's fragrance.

Baby lobster tail _ firm and juicy _ blanketed in an apple mint sheet & partnered with aged balsamico, three types of full-bodied heirloom tomatoes & ravioli stuffed with basil sauce. An excellent ensemble, one of the most satisfying starters we've savored this year.

Scallop carpaccio in crab roe emulsion. Fragile slices of luscious mollusks, combining forces with a wondrously creamy sauce to unleash a luxurious sweetness.

For a completely different take on scallops: a caramelized one, firm and meaty, with edamame puree. We preferred the raw preparation, but both were delicious.

Palate cleanser of apple & candied ginger sorbet. A frosty, refreshingly tangy intermezzo for this dinner's symphony of seafood. By the way, meat is also available at Upper Deck, of course, but let's leave that for another time.

Chilled Momotaro tomato succo with tiger prawn salsa timbale & apple mint oil. A memorable gazpacho-like recipe with vibrant hues & a perky taste that was both pleasantly piquant & softly saccharine. And no, that's not a marijuana leaf there.

The highlight of this meal (and one of our favorite recipes of 2011): Pacific rainbow trout with sweet corn "risotto," black truffle shavings & Styrian pumpkin seed oil. Possibly a perfect recipe, melding earthy & oceanic flavors to create pure ambrosia.

Desserts seem far less creative, but this sampler of sugary & fruity treats mostly hits the right notes for a fulfilling finish.

Also worth noting: service is stellar, with a team that oozes charm & consideration.

Adamo Tanzini (vodka, apple sour, apple juice) & Summertini (absolut vodka mandarin, lychee liquor, orange, cranberry juice). Martinis at their most marvelous.

Santa Cristina Rosso IGT (Tuscany).

Cigar lovers can head to the adjoining Trinidad cigar lounge to puff away.

Children are banned from Upper Deck, so a calm evening is assured. The restaurant opens only for dinner, except on Sundays.

All in all, an exquisite experience; if Upper Deck can keep this up, it'll be one of our most highly recommended restaurants.

Upper Deck @ Tanzini,
Level 29, G Tower, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2168-1899
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  1. Yummy! Can't wait fr my turn! :)

  2. tng: hope you enjoy it! i think you will! :D

  3. wow, the ambiance look quite great for dining and the foods are tempting :D

  4. Fui: oh yeah, both the ambiance and the food are designed to impress :D

  5. This looks very promising and I like that it's also not children-friendly, hehe!

  6. Pureglutton: hehe, we're evil! but ya, I can't think of any other venue in KL that would be guaranteed to be free of kids. Peace and quiet, yay! :D

  7. Oh cool, any idea who the chef is? The portions look quite small though, am I right?

  8. Baby sumo: The names are unfamiliar to me, but Upper Deck's chef is Tan Tse Yee, who collaborates with tanzini's executive chef Johnny Fua (formerly from penang's Suffolk house, I think) to create the menus. Yeah, portions for each dish are not too large, since the set contains at least four courses =)

  9. Oh the place is gorgeous! LOVE the view, so romantic! And to know that it's at G Tower is good news too.. I love their parking rates of only RM2.50 flat after office hours :P

  10. Iamthewitch: oh yeah, this is perfect for a romantic rendezvous. There's an "under-the-stars" feeling to it :D ooo, didn't realize that the parking is priced that way after office hours. Another bonus/incentive to come here! =)

  11. Sean: you are the master in finding all these swishy places! I can't keep up! Food looks beautiful.

  12. hungry female: i'm drawn to these places like the proverbial moth to the flame! but yeah, this is a place to keep in mind for a special occasion :D

  13. OMG... this place looks gorgeoussss!

  14. michelle: yep, kudos to the designers! =)

  15. So, this "Upper Deck" is inside, within Tanzini, get through the stair at the left side of entrance?

    The 2nd photo has a feel like Christmas coming soon, I guess this restaurant will be one of the best romantic place to celebrate with, in this year :D

  16. Fui: yep, enter tanzini first, then the waiter will take u through the staircase to upper deck :D right now, it's quite quiet, but I think they'll start publicizing it more soon. And maybe the high price is a factor, since the cheapest set menu is more than rm150...

  17. I was there tonight for the Ramadan review at the Lounge. Hahaha
    The chef was cheeky man. And gladys & Colin jz couldnt figure out how you get the wind of their openings (new f&B outlets). They think your radar is jz incredible :P

  18. wow this place is cool, firstly there's a cigar lounge. The view was great too and I love the high ceilings!

  19. rebecca: heheh, i've been waiting for a year, seriously, for upper deck to open! i remember going to tanzini in august last year, before hari raya, and being informed that they'd open the upper deck very soon! :D
    eiling: oh yeah, i think you'll enjoy the cigar lounge. there seem to be dozens of different brands offered there! =)