Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ritz-Carlton Lounge

We usually wake up too late for brunch on weekends, but someone's recent 30th birthday brought us here for a belly-busting celebration.

Kicking off the Ritz's Sunday Roast semi-buffet with fresh bread & Echire butter, addictive enough to keep us returning for seconds and thirds.

DIY Caesar salad, with sides of anchovies & beef bacon.

Fine de Claire oysters, shucked to order, so patience is essential.

Meaty crustaceans. A half-shell can fill nearly 10 percent of our eating capacity.

Salmon gravlax. Beautifully prepared, possibly the tastiest in town. Other excellent starters include a mighty fine mushroom terrine and scallops with kyuri.

Succulent veal sausages with potatoes.

Customers can choose a main course from three types available.

Roast lamb with all trimmings. Satisfactory but not sensational.

Black Angus prime rib with bone marrow jus & Yorkshire pudding. Tender, but maybe we should have requested the medium-rare, pinker slices.

Salmon coulibiac _ essentially fish pie with bits of eggs and rice. Also worthwhile, thanks to the moist, meaty fish and fairly flavorsome stuffing.

Desserts include a mountain of macarons, but these have a hard, biscuit-like texture that make them less than magical.

One caveat: forget ordering fruit juice unless you're OK to pay RM24++ per glass, since only plain water is complimentary for this Sunday roast.

Lobby Lounge,
Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Been a while since I had this Sunday Roast but yeah, you should have gone for the medium rare beef... its really good! And the smoked salmon is really good hor.

  2. Baby sumo: yeah, unfortunately we only realized that they had given us the medium-well parts from the edge of the slab after we started eating it. Wish they had asked us beforehand which parts we wanted, heh =)

  3. Oh the Sunday roast here is absolutely delicious! well worth the price to pay for!

  4. Rebecca: with the sad exception of the RM24++ fruit juices! Which we didn't know were not complimentary until we got the receipt. Oops! :D

  5. Michelle: yeah, alas, rm24++ for merely decent fruit juice. Nvm, stick to plain water, since that's complimentary :D

  6. Whoa that's a Sunday Roast! You had me at "mountain of macarons"!

  7. Hungry female: it's quite the feast! Next time will have to do it with some bubbly! :D

  8. Wow. Decadent lah your Sunday brunch/lunch... Just the list of the dishes alone is making my wallet blush, haha.

    And why would anyone have fruit juice when they can have some bubbly? *hic!*

  9. Kenny: aiya, your wallet is merely being coy. Just bring her out and show her a good time! :p But gosh, imagine if the fruit juice was RM24++ per glass, how much would a glass of bubbly cost? Shudder! :D

  10. looks like a nice place for some nice food, music and a birthday celebration

  11. Eiling: yeah, I'm thinking a lot of other folks have enjoyed having birthday celebrations here too, heheh =)

  12. My wallet shall remain locked up, that lil minx! :P

  13. kenny: aiya, the poor dear. have a heart; all she wants to do is spend! :D