Monday, August 8, 2011

New Shanghai

Dim sum for the masses, pork-free & available 10am-10pm at a strategic venue.

Trays of savory delicacies, baked or fried, are kept warm and regularly replenished for shoppers seeking speedy takeaways at Pavilion.

Nevertheless, for maximum satisfaction, select what you want and take a table here to slowly relish everything from flavorsome puffs to fluffy pancakes.

It's an eye-popping smorgasbord of traditional favorites: sweet potato biscuits, shrimp & bean curd rolls, pan-fried lotus root puffs, yam & radish cakes, Teochew sesame balls, Shanghai pancakes & so much more _ sufficient to feed the proverbial small army.

New Shanghai's offerings are well-executed; light on grease & salt but still nicely seasoned & engagingly tasty. Crisp and flaky, with moist, juicy stuffing.

Prices are fair; most of this ready-to-eat fare costs RM2.80 a pop.

A bit more expensive: steamed varieties, made to order, so you'll have to wait.

Who needs pork when there's pumpkin paste in these searing-hot dumplings? Truthfully though, the food here might be better with pork, but for what it is, we can't complain.

The most extravagant item: prawn dumplings topped with "caviar," RM8.80 for two pieces.

Lotus leaf-wrapped glutinous rice, stickily laden with tender chicken, mushrooms & salted egg.

Save space for dessert, particularly these "cotton cakes," as creamy as mousse.

Are you ready for this jelly? A wobbly herbal concoction, refreshingly chilled.

Mango cream puff & egg tart. Scared of sugar? Rest assured, none of these are very sweet.

Tea for three: New Shanghai offers no fewer than 15 varieties; this one is a blend of Tie Guan Yin & Ma Lau Mit, supplying a peachy fragrance.

New Shanghai,
Lot 1.02.00, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Very interesting indeed...abundance of variety n reasonably priced :)

    Tie Guan Yin n Ma Lau Mit it :D

  2. I like porky dim sums :P

  3. Oh good. some noce snacks to go while shopping! :P

  4. Ulric: yep, definitely recommended to give it a try at least once. No harm if you don't like it =) I'm actually am idiot when it comes to Chinese tea. I can barely pronounce their names, let alone recognize their different flavors :D
    Baby Sumo: ah, head upstairs to level six of pavilion, where you'll be able to find decent porky dim sum at din tai fung and grand palace (though prices would be slightly steeper) :D
    TNG: yeah, very convenient. It should take less than 10 minutes to choose what you want and pay for it at the cashier. Then can munch on it while walking or bring it back home :D

  5. It is a good tea combo...very well thought out...take it from a tea guzzler :)

    I can tapao some snacks back to ofis 4 fun tea-breaks :D

  6. which restaurant got replaced by new shanghai?

  7. Michelle: The replaced is MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee :)

  8. Ulric: interesting; I didn't realize different teas could be combined to create a tasty new blend :D hope your office has a microwave to warm up the dim sum when u bring them back!
    Michelle: u might recall MOF near mercato supermarket. It served really delicious soft-serve ice cream :D

  9. Checked with d microwave :)

    Will miss d deserts at revoir :(

  10. why must all the good places be SO FAR from me:)

  11. COTTON CAKES! I haven't seen those since puberty! Good that these convenient OTC concepts have finally landed. I now eagerly anticipate Pavillion to emulate those nifty Peking duck & roast pork skin takeaways at ION Orchard!

  12. ulric: luckily there's still the very similar hokkaido ice cream at mid valley gardens =)
    ciki: make a plan to visit all the outlets in the city center during a weekend! :D
    min: the cotton cakes were selling like, ermm, hot cakes! :D sigh, but why does it seem like singapore is always setting the trend for us to follow. we need to blaze some culinary trails for once, heheh =)

  13. Finally! A new place for Devil and I to rest and snack away after shopping and movies at Pav. (But would the yam cakes taste the same without the pork filling? Hmm.)

  14. lfb: both of you might also appreciate the charms of some of the eye-candy-ish staff members! or at least it might be enough to distract you from the absence of pork in any puffs and tarts :D

  15. pork free dimsum is .. a bit.. salah, i think. haha

  16. ky: heheh, but hopefully they'll be able to attract muslim customers if/when they officially get a halal certification :D

  17. Got meh? I din see any eye-candy when I tapao there just now...rats :(

  18. Haram... during ramadan months!

    dont eat before buka puasa!!!

    Nice place...

  19. but I like PORK :P
    will check out this place if I happen to go to Pavilion this Thursday!

  20. ulric: one man's eye candy is another man's cough syrup :D
    edi: heheh, come here at 7.30 to break fast :P
    leo: ya, try a few pieces of the fried dumplings, but don't forget to check out the new japanese eateries on pavilion's sixth floor too! :D

  21. Nice deco but I'm never a fan of pork free dim sum. I felt that the char siew pau is not the same without pork and so is the other dishes. No substitutes.

  22. Eiling: yeah, I guess pork is an integral part of dim sum. But at the same time, I figure that a lot of Muslim customers enjoy eating pork-free dim sum too =)

  23. I wonder for a pork lover like me, how will it fare ..

  24. jeffrey: try one or two to sample. but i think pork dim sum is preferable :D

  25. went there that day during lunch and to get Ochado for my colleagues too. took some pics and tried some. the salad prawn(mine has generous serving of prawns inside) and glutinous rice(maybe I was wrong, but surprised it tasted a bit like Hainan chicken rice) was quite ok.

  26. Jeffrey: glad you liked it! I'm aiming to try their porridge sometime =)

  27. This merchant is a scam...

    On 12th December, they declined to honour any Groupon promotional vouchers. The terms and conditions stated clearly "Mondays to Fridays (excluding local public holidays)". However they declined the voucher citing that it was a public holiday in Selangor (mind you, it is a replacement state holiday for the Sultan's birthday). Obviously they also forgot that Pavillion is in Kuala Lumpur and is a working day proper...

    The manager, Derrick, was nowhere to be seen at the outlet and hiding behind the security of the phone, stating he was not working and observing the holiday. There was a horde of angry crowd and nothing was done. Unfortunately this speaks for the kind of manager that's nowhere to be seen when there's an issue to address. Working staff are zombies hiding behind the counter, carrying on like nothing is wrong... Requested for escalation but Derrick claimed he is the only "management level staff" that we can talk to, and he was twisting and turning, blatantly denying the mistake and refusing to honour...

    Left with a very foul experience. Pricey (even with the discount coupons) and nothing to shout about. Avoid at all cost like a plague...

    Just pissed that merchants deny consumers on technicalities of "terms and conditions" when it's things the consumers overlook, but refuse to honour the coupon when the agreed upon "terms and conditions" held true. One time and definitely the last time...

    1. Thanks for your feedback and comment :) I was that close to buy the vouchers from Groupon.

  28. i went this morning with my family at Publika, all togehter 7 pax.
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    my comment is not value.
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