Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go Gourmet

Carb-loading with Go Gourmet, kicking off with Chinese fried rice. Nicely laden with chicken, crab, anchovies & salted egg but completely lacked 'wok hei.'

More "nasi goreng," served with Thai "weeping tiger," or grilled rib-eye beef. Respectably tender meat, but the rice failed to pull its own weight, bordering on bland.

The Malay nasi ulam fared better, with deliciously boneless "ayam percik."

Pad Thai. Well-executed; not the best ever, but piquantly satisfactory.

Kuey teow with beef slices & balls. Lots of succulent meat & bouncy balls for merely 14 ringgit, but to nitpick, the broth seemed deluged with sodium.

Turning Japanese: chicken katsu don, featuring rice topped with crisply breaded chicken & egg. Tasty enough to pass muster at most Japanese outlets.

Chicken miso ramen. Not bad, but with so many ramen specialists sprouting up in KL nowadays, this is only worthwhile if you can't reach a real restaurant.

Ending it all: seafood kuey teow. Will fill the tummy, won't wow the taste buds.

Go Gourmet,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Am I right in saying this is the most featured "food place" on EatDrinkKL?

  2. Baby sumo: heheh, it's so convenient! All it takes is two minutes on their website, and the food will be delivered in an hour. Too much temptation, and their selection is so wide :D

  3. Hey Sean, you means the food photo above is a deliver service from a website? Only in KL is it? hehe just asking :)

  4. Kian fai: yeps, u can order from their website ... They have a list of delivery areas, but yeah, it's mainly around KL and Bangsar =)

  5. weeping tiger! what an interesting name!

  6. Michelle: cool but confusing name. But it has an interesting origin (google it, heheh) :D

  7. Wow, someone's been seriously carb-ing out with all that rice and noodles. Seems like they do the gourmet food much better than what would fare better if one had gotten from roadside stalls?

  8. kenny: ya lah, summore both your home and office area are covered by go gourmet's delivery, but you haven't been taking advantage of their services! i bet a certain devil would enjoy their sushi selection :D