Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cafe Libre

A pleasant neighborhood cafe with a respectable-looking menu, though the food that we sampled on a recent weekend teatime excursion fell slightly short of expectations.

Jalapeno scrambled eggs on muffins. Simple enough for some to whip up at home. Nothing woefully wrong with this, but it was forgettable, with flavors that failed to ignite sparks.

Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel. Would have worked much better with fresher, more succulent slices of salmon and a thicker serving of cheese.

Malted milkshake (rich & creamy) & Waldorf juice (with apple, celery & cinnamon).

Cafe Libre,
Danau Business Center, Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. Aw, sad that their food aren't great. But the ambiance look nice though. Was the food price reasonable?

  2. eat only lar: yeah, it's brightly lit and comfortable, and it stays open all day long, so it's definitely not a bad hangout. can't recall the exact prices, but i think everything's relatively cheap. RM20 per person should be enough :D

  3. qwazymonkey: heh, i'd hate to say bad things about them, cos i think they do TRY to provide decent food at reasonable prices. but yeah, at the same time, i wouldn't go all the way to taman desa to return here =)

  4. Dude, you ordered all the wrong things lah. Devil and come here all the time... Go for the scrambled eggs & salmon on muffins instead of the jalapeno. And try the sandwiches with the seven-grain or sun-dried tomato bread instead of the bagel - I like the chicken lemon mayo filling, nicely chilled against the toasted slices. The wild mushroom soup is a firm fave of Devil's too.

    Drinks, something simple like coffee or the freshly-made iced lemonade would fare better. Jom, let's take Monkey and you there next! :D

    P.S. Berani you datang Taman Desa tak ajak kami keluar? Nanti Syaitan Yang Memakai Prada mengamuk dengan you baru you tau... :P

  5. Correction (Second sentence): "Devil and I come here all the time..."

  6. You came to Tmn Desa and nvr asked us out? How dare you! 不識抬舉﹐hahaha! :P

  7. Hmmm...d waldorf juice seems interesting but taste-wise?

  8. Food looks pretty average... hmm

  9. kenny: aiya, i had a sneaking suspicion i should have SMSed you before i came here and asked for your recommendations. walau bagaimanapun, nasi sudah jadi bubur :P P.S. i think you were away on holiday laaaaa. some people jet-set to taiwan, while the rest of us can only drive as far as taman desa :D
    CK: heheh, luckily i managed to ask a chinese-reading friend to translate that for me! otherwise i wouldn't have understood! very interesting phrase! =)
    ulric: not too bad; a refreshing mix of flavors. but maybe too healthy; i needed some cocktails after that! :D
    michelle: simple and unpretentious; that might be another way to describe it, heheh =)

  10. the food here doesn't look that inviting for me. Jalapeno? as in the really hot chilli?

  11. eiling: oh, it's more of a mild pepper. habanero is the really hot chili =)