Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chawan @ Citta

Following its tremendous success at Telawi, Chawan has opened its second outlet at an unexpected location _ Ara Damansara's Citta Mall (we'd have expected Mont Kiara or TTDI).

Lontong with rendang daging tok. Decent enough to satisfy any hankering for Malay food, though the rice cakes might seem slightly too stodgy.

Nasi kerabu with ayam percik. Not the best in town, but it contains all the essential ingredients. Some of the food here could be precooked and lightly reheated on order, so both the rice cakes in the lontong and the rice in the nasi kerabu risk being less than lukewarm.

Entry on Chawan @ Bangsar: July 31, 2010.

Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.


  1. Less than lukewarm? Is that a metaphor for, uhm, cold? :P

  2. lfb: bukan sejuk ... tapi bukan panas lah. similar temperature to the durian santan at simply mel's ... oh wait, i forgot, you didn't manage to taste that. heheh :P

  3. Only cos someone ordered like a hundred appetisers and main dishes. Had you ordered the set lunch special like a normal person, Aly would have brought out the durian santan for BOTH of us before I had to leave. Cis.

    But nebbermind. Devil and I dropping today for a taste anyway. Nicer to share with a fellow durian-and-santan-aholic ma. Hehe.

  4. This is so not like your typical food posts! Ahem :P

  5. The first time I saw this restaurant in Bangsar, I thought it was a Japanese restaurant. Thought I read chawanmushi. Lol.

  6. michelle: yaaaa, i'm not sure what the guy was trying to do! :D
    kenny: bah, it was simply destiny that decided you were not deserving of simply mel's first serving of durian santan. but will cross my fingers for ya, hoping that they haven't run out of durians by today! :P

  7. ckiong: heheh, a food blog must have variety. just like your food blog! you have reviews of italian food, malaccan portuguese food, japanese food :D
    baby sumo: that's very humorous! but hopefully you hadn't made plans to eat some sushi there before discovering that it was a malay outlet! =)

  8. We're so stuffed by kopitiam fare and more baked goodness from The Bread Shop now... gotta rest at home sikit to recover before braving the weekend traffic and get us some durian santan. :P

    P.S. ROFL at your reply to Ckiong.

  9. kenny: char kuey teow, bread, and then santan! thank goodness you're heading to tokyo for vacation, instead of a swimwear-required beach! :D
    p.s. hope he tak marah. heheh :D
    michelle: and his buddies aren't even paying attention to him, sadly!

  10. oooh that's not too far for me. And since I haven't explored Citta Mall, I can head over for a cuppa soon!

  11. eiling: it's an interesting mall in terms of design, though the eateries so far could still be better. there's also a meatworks here at citta now too :D