Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Fine dining in Pudu seems like an oxymoron, making T@ste6 (pronounced "Taste at Six") a curious but worthwhile entry to this enclave's restaurant scene.

This modestly furnished outlet on the Swiss Garden Residences' sixth floor features Western favorites with a fusion makeover, served by a team that's eager to please.

Green pea cappuccino. Frothy fun in a cup; a brilliant flavor bomb too, thanks to the savory spoonful of crispy beef bacon.

Pumpkin & orange soup with chili oil & Asian garnishes. Tastier than typical pumpkin broths, with tangy, spicy & herbaceous notes that blend harmoniously together.

Spinach risotto with oven-dried tomatoes & parmesan cheese. Sounded and looked promising, but the risotto was scarcely more than mush.

Oven-roasted duck breast with beetroot mash & sherry reduction. Loved the superbly hearty portion of plump, juicy meat, but the mash was overloaded with sodium.

Frangelico hazelnut liquor-laced tiramisu. Strangely sourish; we ended up not finishing this, fearful that the booze within might have turned it bad.

Sticky banana date pudding with brandy anglaise & vanilla ice cream. Alas, the pudding was stodgy, lacking a freshly made vibe. Nevertheless, T@ste's prices are reasonable; starters won't cost more than RM20++, mains top out at RM40++, while desserts can be as low as RM12++.

Aperitifs: Martini Bianco & Rossini. A surprisingly wide range of booze is available.

Alexis Lichine Cuvee Excertionelle, at only RM17++ per glass.

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. Yipes...this place looks mighty interesting with affordable prices :)

    A very good find indeed :D

  2. But it seems tat they mishit with d deserts...not very encouraging...hmmmm...

  3. Who'd ever guess that a place like this exist in Pudu! LOL

  4. ulric: the only downside is the pricey parking in this building! it's like RM8 per hour, even at night. but it seems like the safest place to park on this part of jalan pudu :D
    qwazymonkey: and it's a long walk to reach this restaurant after parking. take the stairs from the parking basement to swiss garden's lobby, then take a lift to the second floor or something, walk through a connecting corridor to an adjacent building, then take another lift to the sixth floor! =)

  5. OMG! I read some posts of the launch & was interested to try, but the long walk, expensive parking & the jam! The notorious jam on Jln Pudu is enough to put me off! :P

  6. Rebecca: ohh, it's actually only a 10-minute drive from pavilion during non-peak hours (say, 7:30pm during Ramadan)! I think the food needs a little more fine-tuning, but I hope the place does well =)

  7. I can't really see the risottto.... it looks like it has a layer of cheese on top

  8. Green tea cappuccino with crispy beef bacon? I want, I want!

    P.S. I totally misread the name as "TasteS@x" instead... which is somewhat more, uhm, suggestive. :P

  9. fuh! have to endure one of the most congested roads in downtown KL in order to reach this place :P
    I'll take that green tea cappucino anytime minus the beef..

  10. michelle: heheh, i guess cheese-lovers would be quite pleased :D
    lfb: OMG, that was a typo! it's supposed to be green PEA cappuccino! just corrected it =)
    p.s. you're the only person i know who might misread it that way! :P
    leo: heheh, but the beef adds three-quarters of the flavor! :D yeah, i'm not sure if this outlet is open on sundays (that would be the day with the least traffic) =)

  11. I think the duck would be nicer if the layer of fat was trimmed off a little :P

  12. baby sumo: heheh, i LURRRRRVE duck fat! think of it as the fat in siu yok :D

  13. I had to re-read your description twice when it came to Green pea cappuccino! So creative to make this a savoury appetizer, complete with crispy bacon! :)

  14. iamthewitch: oh yeah, the chef definitely deserves praise for trying to come up with creative ideas! :D

  15. Green PEA? Okay now more interesting.

    P.S. Ya. I know. Hahahha...

  16. lfb: pea is better than tea. okay :D
    p.s. and also the only one with that evil laughter :P

  17. Pea is better than tea, I agree. Don't you see we like peas better than tea?

    P.S. No lah. Devil does the evil, maniacal supervillain laughter better.

  18. lfb: princesses usually are not fans of peas. or so the fairy tale tells us :D
    p.s. i've never heard it before! must demonstrate next time :P

  19. somehow i guess everyone would just pronouce it as Taste Six instead of Taste at Six. Well, the menu looks creative but I wonder what about the prices?

  20. eiling: yeah, the spelling makes the pronunciation very confusing! prices are OK though; i think a three-course meal without drinks should cost around RM80 :D