Saturday, August 13, 2011

Go Gourmet

It's no secret that we shy away from chilies, keeping Thai & Indian food to a minimum. But since variety is the spice of life, we tested our taste buds with fiery fare from Go Gourmet.

Roast duck red curry with tomatoes & pineapple. Tangy, but terribly oily.

Prawns pad prik khing, with lots of long beans to keep things (relatively) healthy.

Sometimes chilies hide out of sight, striking without warning. This stir-fried minced chicken with basil leaves looked innocuous, but several bites contained something more perilous than pepper.

We poured too much chili flakes over our pad si yew, leaving us red and tearful by the time we were midway through it.

Now for the Indian selection. Thankfully, though this tandoori chicken appeared ominously crimson, it seemed to bear more turmeric than chili.

Bindi bhaji lady's fingers. Our first helping of okra in ages!

Lamb vindaloo, to set our tongues aflame.

Wrapping things up with a not-tame-enough chicken briyani. Let's just say we're not foreseeing any Thai or Indian restaurant entries in the near future.

Go Gourmet,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Hha..a chng frm all tht Jap food frm Pavilion eh?

  2. A calm before d storm :P

  3. Tng: heheh, i still prefer wasabi to chilies :D
    Ulric: hopefully the storm will never come! =)

  4. you seem to love go gourmet a lot. :)

  5. Oh wow looks like nearly every dish was fiery! Hope you didn't spend too long suffering tummy tsunamis after that. :p That being said, Go Gourmet looks like they have a really intense selection - so much to choose from!

  6. Devil is so on the same page as you where Indian fare is concerned - woe is me who adores this cuisine from Bangalore to Delhi... :)

  7. michelle: at one point, i had hoped to try everything on its menu, but i think that won't happen anymore :D
    wendy: tummy tsunamis ... i like that! and yeah, the variety here is more massive than any brick-and-mortar restaurant in KL. enough for a month's worth of meals! =)
    lfb: hurray for devils who wisely steer clear of fiery fare! i foresee that at the ramen restaurant, you'll probably order the spicy miso flavor, while he and i will remain content with a chili-free shio or shoyu variety :D

  8. Chili adds character, man.

    P.S. Love Go Gourmet's tagline - "The Tapau Experts", hehe.

  9. lfb: chili should learn to chill :P
    p.s. and i always thought it was spelled 'tar pau.' hehe.

  10. so i'm guessing that their thai & indian menu offering is filled with hits and misses?

  11. eiling: yeah, it was mostly tasty, but too spicy! :D