Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Tranquerah

Tranquerah refers to a road that most Malaccans know, but KL's food fans should soon be familiar with the word too, since it's now the name of a nice restaurant that offers Malaccan fare.

Complimentary crackers with a tomato-chili dip, wonderful for whetting the appetite.

Ayam buah keluak. Following in the footsteps of Simply Mel's, here's another outlet in the Klang Valley where customers can savor this dish all year round, with no fewer than six big Indonesian black nuts in one hearty, tangy serving. We love it!

Udang masak lemak nenas & kerabu mangga. Celebrity chef Florence Tan, author of the book "Secrets of Nyonya Cooking," is responsible for The Tranquerah's menu, ensuring its food lives up to the standards of her three-decade culinary career.

Ayam Sioh. Tender stewed chicken, marinated in tamarind pulp. Celebrity hunters, take note: actor Alan Yun has a stake in The Tranquerah, so he seems to hang out here often, happy to oblige customers who want to pose for photos with him.

Itik tim, a flavor-packed duck soup with Chinese mustard veggies, sour plum & tomatoes. Even more delicious than some versions served at Malacca's numerous Nyonya establishments.

Pai tee (top hat) with Nyonya fried chicken, available in tasting platters containing small servings of The Tranquerah's specialties. A cool concept for this sort of outlet.

Ikan masak kuah lada. Mackerel in a curry crammed with assam jawa, turmeric, candlenuts & peppercorn. Food portions here seem reasonable, with no lack of fresh, fragrant & flavorsome ingredients. Expect to pay RM50 per person.

Tamarind prawn & ayam pongteh. The Tranquerah is intricately furnished _ a sight for sore eyes, with an abundance of attention to detail. Reminiscent in some ways of a traditional Baba-Nyonya home near Malacca's Jonker Street.

Cincaluk-stuffed omelet. Beware: the fermented shrimp makes this super-salty.

Bubur cha cha. Thick and creamy; a true delight, ideal for wrapping up a meal here.

Hungarian wine! A semi-sweet vintage, offered only by the bottle.

The Tranquerah,
Red Carpet Avenue, Encorp Strand,
Jalan PJU5/22, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-6142-4106


  1. Food in tasting platters...quite a unique concept :)

    N the deco is fantastic :D

  2. I can always feel the extra enthusiasm when you blog about nyonya / Melaka food! Any Devil's Curry at this place? hehe

    - Adam

  3. ulric: ya, it'll enable you to sample more stuff, so that you can decide which dishes are worth ordering a full portion. and yep, i think the owners put plenty of thought in the decor =)
    adam: heheh, i'm happy that my enthusiasm is transparent! i love the food from my hometown! hmmmm, devil's curry is missing here. hopefully it'll be on the permanent menu. for now, the menu is just two pages long :D

  4. i'm not a huge fan of salty food stuffs but i love my cencaluk omelette. my mom thinks that it is a bit disgusting though... that i love cencaluk...

  5. Michelle: heh, true, cincaluk is an acquired taste. I guess we'll never see cincaluk desserts (cincaluk cakes, cincaluk ice cream, cincaluk Macarons) :D

  6. Mmmmm nyonya food! I grew up on nyonya food (especially while my grandma was alive - she used to cook delicious nyonya food on a charcoal stove). Luckily, mum has acquired most of her skills, although the charcoal stove is long gone! I shall have to visit this place some day. The decor is really pretty.

  7. Lemongrass: oooo, I dunno whether I've ever had charcoal-cooked nyonya food. It sounds wonderful. I can almost imagine it'd impart a special smoky taste to all the chicken stews and veggies. Wow. I wish we had a good nyonya restaurant in the city center hor :D

  8. Oh wow.. is this a contender of Simply Mel's? I see some familiar dishes! I guess Malaccan food is making its way to KL rapidly! :)

  9. iamthewitch: heheh, i guess there's still a lot of space in KL and Selangor for more restaurants that specialize in Malaccan food! maybe in a year or two, Simply Mel's could open a branch in Desa Sri Hartamas, while The Tranquerah could open another outlet in Changkat Bukit Bintang! crossing fingers! :D

  10. Heh. Bit of non-related trivia: My best friend has spotted Mr. Yun as her neighbour so it would be fun to bring her to Tranquerah so she can go google-eyed over him. :P

  11. kenny: omg, if mr yun is your best friend's neighbor, that means you live within walking distance of mr yun too. sounds like you, the devil & the diva should all head to tranquerah for some google-eyed glee! :D

  12. They say dont judge a book by its cover, but im thinkin that the food here triumphs over Mel's.. :p

    1. Hi Rebeccah! I notice this post is a few months old, and I'm not sure if you've been by for a meal at Simply Mel's before, but it would be great to have you over sometime :) See you soon!

  13. rebecca: heheh, simply mel still has some advantages, like a much wider/unique menu & a really passionate lady in the kitchen. but yeah, i think some people will prefer simply mel's and some people will prefer tranquerah, for different reasons :D

  14. wow this is something new. finally a refreshing restaurant that serves local fare which is not very common.

  15. eiling: yeah, there's a lot about nyonya food that most of us have not yet explored! it's pretty rich in heritage, heh :D