Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ahh, buffets. The economical route to satisfy those all-too-familiar sashimi cravings.

Fahrenheit 88's Midori features a fair selection of freshly sliced raw fish & oysters. Not top-notch, but decent enough to warrant multiple helpings.

Plenty of sushi too to stuff the stomach ...

... plus tempura & takoyaki (though these tend to get cold on the counter).

Shabu-shabu _ cooked at the table _ is worthwhile, though the dashi broth is a bit bland. Ingredients for the soup include prawns, bamboo clams & fish.

Butter crabs and other dishes prepared to order are also available, similar to other buffet outlets like Tenji and Jogoya.

Overwhelming quantity over quality, but at least nobody will leave this place hungry.

Service is efficient, but the restaurant imposes two different sessions for dinner: 5.30-8pm and 8pm-10.30pm. No overlapping allowed.

Booze is not a problem, with this small carafe of sake costing a reasonable 12 ringgit.

Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Did I hear bland broth for shabu shabu? Time to visit Suki-ya...hahaha :P

    Their gomatare sauce rocks with a real nutty taste :D

  2. ulric: or maybe it's just me. shabu-shabu has always been my least favorite part of japanese cuisine. i'd order everything else on the menu before i order sukiyaki or shabu-shabu :D

  3. Yeah, walked in once, saw the food & went Marutama! LOL.
    Don't mind paying extra fr top notch Jap buffets..i;m fussy with my sashimi

  4. rebecca: i still remember the old days when japanese buffets at saisaki in wisma uoa were dinners that i really looked forward to! i kinda miss those days :D

  5. Price for this buffet?

    And as ulric said, you shd try Suki-ya. Its quite good.

  6. Michelle: heheh, I guess considering how popular jogoya has been, it makes sense for others to try to emulate its success :D
    Baby sumo: if I recall right, it was about RM80-ish. heheh, I keep on skipping suki-ya, since all the other food at Tokyo street appeals to me much more than Shabu-Shabu. At this rate, it'll be 2012 before I end up at the outlet! :D

  7. Same here, never a big fan of shabu-shabu... I think it's gotta be really good, i.e. both the broth and the freshest of ingredients, to warrant a try.

  8. kenny: hurray! you can join my 'shabu-shabu non-fan club' and become my deputy president! together we'll form an alliance of diners who leave the shabu-shabu to others :D

  9. D broth is flavorful n d ingredients are fresh at Suki-Ya :)

    I tried b4 in Japan and this comes d closest in KL :D

  10. ulric: heheh, okie lah, i'll take your word for it! perhaps something to remember for a rainy evening when the temptation for soup strikes me! :D

  11. better hope that the sashimi at the buffet are fresh or else, we end up eating rubbish and bacteria!

  12. Eiling: yeah, always must be cautious when dealing with raw fish and oysters! :D

  13. Butter crabs too eh? Talk about diversification, lol!

  14. pureglutton: heheh, but too bad the butter crabs here aren't as good compared to chinese restaurants :D