Eat Drink KL: Mukha & Surisit Thai Kopitiam @ TTDI Taman Tun

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mukha & Surisit Thai Kopitiam @ TTDI Taman Tun

Right from the start, Mukha _ a winsome new cafe _ has nailed the formula for keeping customers content, with a thoughtfully crafted menu of well-executed fare, warm service and a spiffy setting.

The highlight is Middle Eastern-influenced food & beverages. Try the fava bean stew, addictively creamy & aromatically steeped in gentle spices. This might pair perfectly with some liver & a nice Chianti, but booze is verboten at Mukha.

Baked eggs with toast. Seems deceptively like a simple recipe, but takes 15 minutes to make. Scrape below the three yolks _ not runny but not too hard _ for hot, mushy layers of roasted tomatoes & shredded cheese that rescue the egg white from blandness.

Beef bamia with okra _ a thick, tangy Egyptian casserole. Everything feels freshly prepared, with surprisingly rich, multidimensional flavors.

Shahi Arab tea, infused with mint leaves.

Gahwa, Mukha's house-blend coffee, laced with cardamom & ginger.

A mocktail in lieu of something stronger: Virgin Mango Mojito.

Shisha is available as well for visitors who prefer to puff the night away.

Things appeared relatively quiet on this recent Friday evening; but we left early, before 7:30 p.m., so it's likely that everyone else only came in after that.

 On the same street as Mukha, here's one outlet that's crowd-pleasing: Surisit, which brands itself a "Thai kopitiam."

Surisit's highlights include porky Thai fare: Moo Thod Kapi is the popular order _ moreish meat, fried to tender juiciness.

 Hits & misses course through Surisit's selection of curries: This catfish red curry featured heaps of succulent chunks, but much of the flesh was undercooked.

 Interesting options abound nevertheless, some of which are rarely seen at KL's other Thai restaurants, such as this pork & banana flower curry.

Mixed feelings about the pork massaman curry; it had plenty of peanuts but no potatoes (the restaurant ran out).

Mukha Cafe @ TTDI,
15, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Tel: 03-7732-2248

Surisit Thai Kopitiam
17, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Tel: 03-7710-0173


  1. Mukha is from Syria or a Lebanese restaurant. I love Arabic Mint Tea, but not their white sugar. Once they filled half cup of sugar for my Mint Tea. Scare me to death! I have seen some Arabic drink their tea with 1 spoonful Sugar in their mouth and follow by one sip of their tea!

  2. Gimme d eggs, toast n shredded cheese but hold d roasted tomatoes :p

  3. River: heh, I've read that even for coffee in some middle eastern countries, the coffee is boiled together with sugar, so it's already sweetened before it's even poured into the cup. I guess it's almost like a dessert beverage :D
    Ulric: but tomatoes are awesome! They add a fun flavor to nearly everything, from sandwiches to pasta and even cocktails :D

  4. D only time I eat roasted tomatoes is when they r paired with zucchini...hehe...

  5. i miss having baked eggs. haven't had eggs for long time!

  6. this is something new @ TTDI which is filled with pubs. the deco looks simple and modern too. Nice touch.

  7. So you mean the section on the blackboard that says From the Bar refers to selection of mocktails? Mwehhh.

  8. Ulric: oops! I actually don't like zucchini very much. Find it kinda bland, heh =)
    Michelle: hope u manage to get some eggs this week! Baked, poached, or even scrambled :D
    Eiling: yeah, it's warm and inviting, with a contemporary feel. I think it'll do very well with ttdi's residents =)
    Min: heheh, I share that sentiment! Fortunately though, sid's, TDH and hoofed at just a short stroll away :D

  9. "Liver & Chianti" - this pairing could inspire the latest love song! :D

    How was the coffee & tea here, btw? Strong?

  10. kenny: love liver, crave chianti! that's how the chorus would go :D the coffee seemed a bit watery at first, but it was very fragrant. the tea tasted decent, but maybe i'm the wrong person to ask, since i know next to nothing about coffee and tea, heheh =)

  11. Hmm. Watery but fragrant tea? I guess I have to try it and decide for myself. Devil doesn't like his coffee too bold so maybe he'll enjoy this.

    "Love Liver, Crave Chianti" sounds like the tagline for the "Visit Tuscany" campaign, ya? Hehe. And I'd so go...

  12. kenny: yeah, the coffee here seems low in caffeine, but high in aroma! dunno if that makes any sense, heheh :D and if any advertising campaign is needed to make italy seem like an attractive destination, then i'd highlight all the eye candy there :P

  13. Oh those eggs are glorious! They looked perfectly done! I once had something similar in another middle eastern restaurant but they overcooked the eggs! :( No more creamy runny yolks but hard and powdery ones. Hmph!

  14. iamthewitch: yaaa, it's very disappointing when some places spoil their egg yolks! such a waste, right. my favorite are poached eggs when they're runny but thick :D

  15. Have you try one Lebanese cuisine, called "Upside Down" in Arabic. They overturned the food into a big plate after baked for hours. The vegetables, chicken and rice falling nicely into the plate. We were squatting on the floor and eat like the brothers with just hand. This 'warm' eating together could be part of the ingredients to make the taste forever. I could have asked for recipe...A meal I never forget.

  16. river: wow, i've never heard of that. it sounds like a beautiful dish that needs a lot of patience to prepare! i wonder if maybe this one is the recipe:

  17. I actually prefer virgin mojito to an alcoholic one. :P

  18. Thanks Sean, ya, Makloubeh means upside down in arabic. But the one I ate is with eggplant, the rice is moist and the tender chicken, just tear then by hand easily. The Palestine man who cooked that dish, he kept tearing the chicken pushing to my eating'territory', we all have our share in the big plate, about 6 of us. You can imagine so much fun to eat it this way. I never forget..Cheers!

  19. baby sumo: heheh, i think this was the first time i ordered a 'virgin' anything this year! :D
    river: ya, sounds like a very memorable experience! i've never visited any middle east countries before, but maybe egypt will be nice someday. or even lebanon =)

  20. Ahh.. this cafe is pretty active on twitter & gotten a bit of buzz. I would nd to check out the desserts soon!

  21. Tng: only four or five desserts listed on the menu: pavlova, banoffee pie, and, oops, I can't recall the other ones, heheh :D