Monday, September 26, 2011

L. Table

Visiting 1 Utama can make me nostalgic for my younger years, when I often came here to polish off plates of roast chicken & lasagna at Dave's Deli, window-shop during my varsity internship & catch fine films at TGV (Good Will Hunting, Titanic, As Good As It Gets).

The mall's expansion & its current renovation have rendered parts of it unrecognizable, but we braved its maze to check out L. Table, probably the closest thing to fine dining at 1U. Note: the restaurant occupies an unlikely venue, within the confines of Lavender Bakery.

L. Table's menu is commendably ambitious. Try the chilled cucumber soup _ this thick, refreshingly tangy puree boasts a twist at the bowl's center: alcoholic herb jelly, laced with Hendrick's gin for a sensuous floral scent.

Carb alert! Lavender & orange Japanese sweet potatoes, roasted with thyme, rosemary & Himalayan rock salt. Aromatically addictive; L. Table's prices are wallet-friendly _ both the cucumber soup & the potatoes cost RM12++ each.

Black truffle tagliatelle. Smells temptingly fragrant, but tastes kinda like mushroom carbonara. Maybe our palates have been too pampered by Italian outlets elsewhere; all things considered, this pasta is enjoyably creamy but unexceptional. Still, it's only RM35++, so we can't protest.

Miso black cod (RM40++), satisfyingly sweet & succulent. What's intriguing is the accompaniment of organic quinoa (two types: black & pearl), a source of nutty, toasty graininess that nicely complements the fish & makes this recipe more memorable.

Pappardelle with duck stroganoff. Another pasta that's good but not great; everything on this plate is irreproachably prepared, but it lacks something extra to elevate the experience. Nevertheless, for RM22++, this is a cost-effective alternative to a meal at il Lido.

Cocktails seldom sold elsewhere in KL: French 75 (prosecco, gin, lemon juice, sugar) & La Rosette St Germain (elderflower liquor, sparkling wine, strawberry). Both absolutely delicious, at an astonishingly divine price: RM20++.

Batasiolo Cascine prosecco (RM25++ by the glass, RM125++ by the bottle).

Gamay Beaujolais Villages 2009. Wines by the glass cost as low as RM22++.

L.table by Lavender Bakery @ 1 Utama,
G213, Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Center.
Tel: 03-7728-6933


  1. I got a feeling tat I will like d chilled cucumber soup :P

    Any veal served here?...

  2. Ulric: oh, there's regular beef, lamb, chicken, even turkey ... but no veal :D

  3. pairing quinoa and miso cod is interesting. i can imagine the chewy quinoa with the slightly fatty cod. hehe

  4. Michelle: that's the right description, for sure! I love the texture of quinoa. Wish it was used more often in more places =)

  5. arrggghhh u're still a step ahead. I was just here last Sat and polished off a bottle of prosecco with my mom!

  6. The quinoa looks like cute beads of crystal. The cod is a reasonably big chunk.

  7. Eiling: oooo, we missed bumping into each other by a couple of days! i was tempted to order a bottle of prosecco too, but couldn't, because wanted the cocktails & wine too! :D
    Baby sumo: yeah, I figure that serving of cod and quinoa would probably cost rm50-plus at most other restaurants in KL! :D

  8. Speaking of 1U, I haven't been there in ages too! Wonder how it has changed now since the renovations started... the restaurant within a bakery seems really interesting. I'm most attracted to the black cod.. looks huge and good!

  9. iamthewitch: yeah, i'm scared of 1U, since parking is mostly horrendous here, and it takes so long to walk from one end to another! but i'll try to explore it some more before the end of this year =)

  10. Ahh.. with the recent revamp of food haven in KLCC & PAv, is 1U doing the same i wonder?
    F&B outlets in 1U has always been mid-level wallet friendly kind..

  11. Rebecca: ya, I'm always quite impressed by how many restaurants can survive at 1 utama! I guess it's still the number one mall for folks in pj, but yeah, it'll be nice to have a restaurant revamp here :D