Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burp! @ Bangsar

Burp: 1. To noisily release air from the stomach through the mouth. 2. A noise made by air released from the stomach through the mouth. 3. A food court in Bangsar Shopping Center that supplies a smorgasbord of Asian specialties.

Start with the Japanese section: Slippery, slurp-worthy mentaiko udon, speckled with roe.

Teppanyaki beef rolls. Burp could well be KL's friendliest food court, crowded with enthusiastically helpful folks behind the counters.

Try the Thai: pad thai, specifically, prepared by true-blue Thai citizens.

A little bit Indonesian: Nasi Bojari, not quite a replica of Madam Kwan's. The rice here is less fluffy but more fragrantly spiced up.

From Hong Kong, with love: Roast duck. Burp's food is well executed and tough to critique; nothing extraordinary, but consistently enjoyable.

Sticking to Malaysian fare the rest of the way: Claypot chicken rice with egg. Portions are hearty, but prices are at least 50 percent higher compared to neighborhood stalls.

Yong tau foo. The fantastic four: brinjal, bitter gourd, lady's fingers & chili.

Remembering my hometown: Malacca-style char mee, a source of sweet-savory stickiness.

Moving further south: Johor laksa, aromatic with herbs & coconut milk.

Cencaru bakar & paru goreng. Burnt hardtail scad & fried lungs? More or less.

Mamak is a must-have: Nasi kandar, flooded with a flavorsome combo of curries.

Meaty murtabak, made to order for maximum satisfaction.

All in all, it's rare to find such a vast variety of cuisines in one outlet at Bangsar. For that alone, Burp merits a visit. Business hours: 10am-10pm daily.

Collect a card on entry, have it swiped like a credit card at each stall while purchasing something, then pay for everything only when leaving the premises.

Burp! @ BSC,
The Asian Food Gallery,
4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. wow! the launch was today, and the soft opening last week right?
    Hhmm.. I guess this is the lowest cost option for meals at BSC?

  2. rebecca: i think sept. 19 was its first official day, according to all the banners and posters that are hanging on the streetlights on jalan maarof, heheh :D but yeah, it should cost about RM10 to RM20 per person for a regular lunch/dinner here =)

  3. Wow....d Char Mee n Laksa Johor looks fantastic :D

    As for d Nasi Bojari...I take fragrantly spiced over fluffy anytime :p

  4. ulric: there's much, much more available too! i swear, if i had to write about every single dish here, i'd need at least 30 posts! everything from thai massaman curry to lontong to roti telur to popiah :D

  5. Did I hear Lontong?...yums...

    Will wait patiently for ur 30 posts :p

  6. haha rm10-20 on avg, what did you spend to eat all the above??

    its good to see new food courts serving up a variety of good local/international cuisine, i say a brilliant spot to bring tourists without risking the stomach bug.

  7. is it also by the big group?

  8. Oh this is very cool - do they have soto by any chance?

  9. those are exactly what i choose in YTF too!

  10. high end food court... but then it's in BSC :P
    two of you again against all those foods in your blog?? How can you Sean? I envy you

  11. joe: heh, total damage was about RM160, but that's not too bad, since we ordered a dozen dishes :D and yeah, it helps when the food court actually serves good stuff. the claypot rice was as tasty as some KL hawker versions i've tried :D
    michelle: nope, for once, it's not. although Burp by BIG would have been a cool name :D

  12. baby sumo: oooh, i think they do! hidden in the malay food section :D
    ulric: mee rebus definitely got! in the mamak food section =) and i don't think i'll do multiple entries on this outlet, since it lacks booze, heheh...

  13. ky: hi-5! this is one of the few ways for me to boost my veggie intake :D
    leo: oooh, this was actually a meal for four people. and we were totally stuffed by the end! =)

  14. Oh that's good! I love soto and am always on the hunt for good ones. Saw so many banners on this place on the way to BV today...:)

  15. Baby sumo: I have to admit, I'm not a fan of soto, but maybe i haven't managed to try the really good ones =)

  16. gosh I'm surprised with the wide range of dishes in a food court. i must try the laksa johor, my fave!

  17. Babe_KL: yeah, the variety is super-impressive! The Johor laksa is tasty, though my Johor friend says it contains a bit more coconut/santan flavor compared to the original one =)

  18. oooh I didn't know about this. Thanks for highlighting it. At least now I know there are more choices of food at BSC.

  19. eiling: yeah, but too bad there's no wine served here, since it's totally halal :D