Saturday, August 21, 2010

China Treasures @ Sime Darby Convention

It's a strange thing: Despite not exactly loving Chinese food, I eat it fairly often.
Click here for previous review of China Treasures (April 30).

Deep-fried mantis prawns. Meaty and well-prepared, but not particularly memorable.

Tea-smoked duck. Really juicy. One of the tastiest ducks we've had this year.

Braised Chinese cabbage with fish roe & crab roe. The stock was rich and decadent, making the veggies seem almost like an unwelcome distraction.

La mian with beef brisket soup & chilli oil. Chinese restaurants are the best at tenderizing beef, aren't they? Even if their methods are somewhat suspicious.

Durian pancakes. Pretty fresh stuff, though Mandarin Oriental's version still rules.

Avocado pudding. A strange, artificial flavor made this a turnoff.

La Challenge Blanc (France). Wines are available by the glass, which is kinda rare for Chinese restaurants (but much appreciated!).

China Treasures,
Sime Darby Convention Centre.


  1. Seriously the food here aint bad!
    I had the avocado thing too ;p (Heh, both of us are avocados lovers! ) But yea, a bit off-tasting.

    One of the places whr the missing oink is tolerable cos their othr dishes is good ;)

  2. Tng: ya, I think I'd be able to appreciate this place better if I liked Chinese food more. But true, I loved the duck and couldn't really complain about any of the other items ... except for the avocado pudding, heheh! Maybe it was the preservatives or flavoring used, eh...

  3. Duckalicious i'd say..prefer mine roasted till the fat drips out but this moist version seems finger-licking-good too :) others seem a bit ho-hum i think. no other seafood to make up for the lack of pork?

    the avocado dessert reminds me of a sliced kiwifruit. probably there were some almond powder used in it to give the "strange" flavour?

  4. What's the stuff in the middle of the avocado thing?

  5. I just had their Ramadhan set, got Yee Sang with kurma!

  6. elrond: heh, there's lotsa seafood available here, but i often get scared off whenever the menu says "market price." :D hmmm, interesting, it could have been almond, though it had a more, ermm, unnatural flavor...
    michelle: ermmm ... gosh, i can't remember!
    choi yen: oooh, that sounds pretty interesting! will try to check it out :D

  7. ooh the tea smoked duck does look very good! There are not many places that serves smoked duck and I think this is looking good!

  8. Eiling: yep, I gotta admit, it's worth visiting this place just for the duck! it's really that good :D

  9. didn't know u were a durian lover! wow, food looks good, halal?

  10. ciki: heheh, i'm not a durian fan! i just like durian pancakes and durian mooncakes (sometimes). oh yeah, this place is totally pork-free :D