Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grand Imperial @ USJ

Grand Imperial's third branch sits in an obscure Subang mall. Perhaps we were silly to travel here when there are more conveniently located branches at Bangsar and Sri Hartamas.

Loved the roast pork, which had crisp skin and the right balance of lean meat and fat. The char siew paled in comparison, but it was still perfectly edible.

Roast chicken. Tender, reasonably juicy and not too salty.

Steamed patin with shrimp & garlic. Tasted fresh enough, though the shrimp and garlic sauce nearly overpowered the fish's natural flavor.

Preparing the crispy aromatic duck wrapped with pancakes.

Not a smashing success. The pancakes were a bit too thick.

Sauteed bitter gourd with minced meat & salted egg. Addictive.

Poached tiger prawns with lettuce. Not bad, but not particularly memorable.

Pork ribs in herbal sauce. Sweet and succulent.

Braised pumpkin & yam in claypot. Carbolicious comfort food.

Grand Imperial,
19 USJ City Mall, Subang.

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  1. I LOVE GRAND IMPERIAL!!!! Especially the bangsar branch. :)

  2. Michelle: they're definitely a notch above the tai thong chain :D

  3. ooh finally a chinese cuisine post! Do you know that if you want to use their private rooms for dinibg, minimum spending has to be RM600...

  4. eiling: heheh, i avoid chinese food whenever possible :D hmmm, RM600 sounds doable, for a group of at least eight people. tnx for the info!

  5. Had a bad experience there be4 but i luv their dim sum!

  6. tng: if i can wake up early enough someday, i'll try the dim sum! :D

  7. Is it really that tasty? The restaurant always looks empty - from the outside, that is.

  8. Waverly: i think grand imperial has a good reputation for solid food. they have quite a number of branches, including in bangsar and hartamas =)