Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upstairs @ Alexis Telawi

Upstairs @ Alexis has reopened after a physical revamp, looking spiffier than ever.

With light jazz wafting in the background, there's a calm dining section here for escaping the crowds, beside a lounge filled with plush sofas and decorated like a library (with fake books).

Clam chowder. Delicious to the last drop; this was brimming with clams, beef bacon & veggies, but what gave it extra oomph was probably a dash of Chardonnay.

Pumpkin soup. Also a thick, creamy pleasure, with a touch of spice to make it zesty.

Salad nicoise, with seared tuna sashimi, haricot vert, kalamata olives & half-boiled egg. Not the healthiest salad around, but perhaps one of the tastiest. The olives were a bit of a chore to eat though, since they came with their pits intact.

Homemade tagliatelle with duck ragu, grated parmesan & basil. Salty but addictive.

Wagyu beef cheeks braised in red wine. Looked hearty, but most of the plate was filled with rocket salad, gremolata & mashed potatoes. Would be nice to have more of the tender, flavorsome meat instead, but this was adequate for the price.

The Mandarin (absolut mandarin, cranberry, orange) & Mint Julep (rum, lime, mint leaves).

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Upstairs @ Alexis,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.


  1. I love the new look! Went there for Jazz jam n couldn't help flipping through the books during the set breaks.
    (interactive decorations? Lol)

  2. J: yikes, u mean the books are real after all?! But they looked totally fake! Maybe they're a mix of real and fake, eh...

  3. I spot an Asian next to the mona lisa. :D

  4. Lol. They are definitely some real books in the mix. I don't think I was drunk enough to b hallucinating tt night :)

  5. I was about to ask you if those were real books when I read the line below the pic. Sighs... I want a real book cafe... Maybe I should just open one myself. :(

    P.S. Just rescued your comments from my spam folder and revived them - dunno what happened, maybe a glitch yest.

  6. The Nicoise salad is my standard order in Alexis :) and it's better when the dressing is on the side. heheh.

    And you had the wagyu! I'm jealous :P heheh. There's always other stuff to tempt me away from the beef. Pizzas and the seafood pasta parcel are popular orders and you see them on almost every table.

  7. I want the clam chowder and beef cheeks! Aiyor, not a good idea to come to yr blog just before lunch la and Bangsar is so far away from here!

  8. michelle: she's supposed to be a chinese mona lisa, with a beatific smile to boot! :D
    j: wah, looks like i can't recognize real books anymore! maybe because it's been too long since i picked one up! =)
    lfb: if your book cafe is gonna be filled with murakami and ishiguro novels, then i'll just come for the food and service, thanks :D
    p.s. what?! you mean you haven't marked my email address as a "NEVER EVER SEND TO SPAM" yet?! :P
    elrond: oh ya, we almost ordered the seafood pasta, but we were a bit too full by then. this was actually our second dinner that evening! :D it's strange that i don't actually like tuna all that much, but i love nicoise salads, heh.
    pureglutton: heheh, yeah, next time visit my blog at 2.30pm. but wherever u are, i hope there's good food too there! :D

  9. Well, what sorta books must I fill it with for you to come and actually read???

    P.S. That's actually a good idea. Not just yours, but some other reader's emails get sent there. No clue why. Just random, I guess.

  10. I love the Nicoise at Nathalie's but I had the version here @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. not too bad & I agree with elrond half-elven, better if its on the side!

    Would love the ragu (simply cos its duck) but salty? Oh oh..

  11. lfb: heheh, something light and breezy, so i can finish it during the span of an afternoon and not have to keep returning to the cafe? how about danielle steel? :D
    p.s. maybe your blog has turned sentient and spits out comments that it feels are unworthy. and it finally happened to me! oh, the indignity.
    tng: oh ya, and since nathalie's nicoise gets taken off her menu after a month, we have to rely on alexis for a permanent, good nicoise fix! :D yeah, a bit too salty, but it wasn't MSG, fortunately!

  12. Da.. Da... What? I cannot even spell that name without getting the shivers. Bleh.

    P.S. Aiya, where got. You are worthy, just need to dress nicer. My blog got standards ma. :P

  13. lfb: sophie "confessions of a shopoholic" kinsella? :D
    p.s. what for dress nicer when your blog is simply serving nasi lemak? =)

  14. Well, you obviously have these books up on a pedestal in your home and read them a million times each, so why bother wasting shelf space in my cafe?

    How about you try some Annie Proulx? Or some Michael Chabon or Stephen Fry? :)

    P.S. Not just any nasi lemak. But Village Park nasi lemak. :D

  15. lfb: i don't keep books at home. whatever i finish reading, i just give away. i'd put u on my recepients' list, but i don't think u'd appreciate my reading material, heheh. as for your list of authors, i read 'the shipping news,' but ... zzzzzz. i've never read chabon (though i've watched 'wonder boys' of course) or fry (but i've seen his many movies!) :D
    p.s. no need to dress nicer for that, as proven by the t-shirt-clad (but nevertheless dashing) male models on that post of yours :D

  16. You are a lost cause. I accept that now. Shoulda just listened to Lemongrass. :P

    P.S. Tee hee. Yes, but you have AGE over their BEAUTY. Different folks, different strokes, and all that. :P

  17. lfb: aiya, the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay is like 600-plus pages lah. reading that would take ages. probably equivalent to the time needed for 100 sessions of sex :P
    p.s. what? u say i have AGEless BEAUTY? why, how kind of you, kenny :D

  18. That is nothing. Paltry compared to one of my fave tomes, 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell' by Susanna Clarke at about 800 pages. :D

    P.S. I see AGE is affecting your grasp of REALITY. :P

  19. lfb: wellll, i read 'anna karenina' back in uni, and that was 800-plus pages. not an experience that i'd care to repeat though :D
    p.s. what's that? u say that AGE has no grasp on me REALLY? gosh, now i'm blushing =)

  20. Kenny Mah, stop bringing me into your lovers tiff! :-P

  21. Hahah... I doubt I'd read it since I discovered the ending inadvertently through an essay or song lyric once. Bah.

    P.S. Oh dear. The delusion seems particulary deeply entrenched in this poor subject, doctor. :P

  22. lemongrass: triangles are tasty things :D
    lfb: it's the journey that matters, rite, not just the conclusion. a TRUE book-lover should know that! :P
    p.s. oooh, are we playing doctor now? :D

  23. @Lemongrass: My fave triangles are samosas. Yums.

    @Sean: Hehe. Well the TRUE shall prevail, as they say. Or just one fler anyway. :P

    P.S. No. At almost 75 comments (your prev post), you are darn well PAYING the doctor. *guffaws*

    P.P.S. Seriously what on earth are all of us yakking about half the time? Don't your normal readers think we're completely mad? :P

  24. lfb: ooh, i just remembered that my favorite book of the past decade, lionel shriver's 'the post-birthday world,' was about 500-plus pages. never again can u mock my literary proclivities! :D
    p.s. is 75 an auspicious number? =)
    p.p.s. i think u've scared off all my 'normal' readers already. i think i've lost min chow, for one. sob sobbb...

  25. Hmm? That sounds familiar. What's it about? (I've not read it; I mean I may have heard of it but unsure.)

    P.S. It is for me. The total number of issues of Sandman comics.

    P.P.S. I'm sure Minchow still reads lah, she just not always comment ma. They don't have to comment to read lah. Trust me, got lotsa invisible readers, bless their hearts. :)

  26. lfb: it's an incredible book. if u read only one novel this year, yaddda yadda yadda. the plot: Using a playful parallel-universe structure, The Post-Birthday World follows one woman's future as it unfolds under the influence of two drastically different men. i know it sounds very 'sliding doors,' but it's more than that.
    p.s. oh. i thot it might be the number of ppl u've bedded :D
    p.p.s. u make it sound like susan storm-richards reads your blog :P

  27. That's ok if it sounds very 'Sliding Doors' cos I haven't watch that movie. The theme song, however, may be the only decent theme song that Akua band ever came up with.

    P.S. Ah, that's a nice sentiment; if each one was like a unique issue of Sandman, building up to an epic tapestry. Sweet.

    P.P.S. Not just mine; yours, Lemongrass's, other's. It's how it works, I guess.

  28. I am drooling at the half boiled egg. I can never execute it well. The pasta looks extremely tasty.

  29. lfb: ah yes, 'turn back time.' so moving. though when i'm in the mood to boogie, 'doctor jones' would be the aqua song of my choice :D
    p.s. ergkh. hopeless romantic.
    p.p.s. now u make her sound like a stalker.
    eatbitemunch: oh yeah, i guess getting the yolk perfect requires skill and timing? but i can't do it either :D

  30. That Nicoise looks absolutely divine!

  31. feed me: oh yeah, if all salads tasted that way, i wouldn't mind having them every night! :D

  32. the new revamped look is quite nice!

  33. eiling: yeah, i think the previous look was kinda sterile ... this one definitely has more character and charm! :D