Thursday, November 3, 2011


Some folks warned us: Don't go chasing Waterfall, please stick to the restaurants & cafes that you're used to. But naturally, we had to uncover the truth for ourselves at this Native American-influenced outlet in Bangsar.

Waterfall's menu comprises a hodgepodge of Tex-Mex favorites, pizzas & pastas. We skipped the calorie-laden nachos & cheese-stuffed jalapenos, opting instead for a Butch Cassidy Burger, featuring a 220-gram rib-eye rubbed in Cajun spices. Not bad for only RM20, thanks to the thick, tender hunk of meat.

Peanut Butter Panic. This was supposed to be peanut butter ice cream, layered with peanut butter mousse & chopped Reese's peanut butter cups. But what it really tasted like was vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter. Sigh, right?

Let's get this party started: Boston Tea Party (gin, vodka, rum, grand marnier, triple sec, tia maria, cranberry juice). Buy one cocktail, get one free before 7 p.m.

Flaming Dr Pepper, a fabulous flaming shooter comprising Amaretto, Bacardi & beer.

Waterfall Restaurant & Bar,
Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. Native american cuisine? Ermm.. guess I'll have to see more of the dishes to knw what's that like

  2. i had native american cuisine before at this native american museum at the smitsonian, dc.

    i can assure you that native american doesn't look like that... maybe inspired by it yes... native american, no.

  3. Hehe you're very lyrical... dont go chasing waterfalls lol!

  4. the price for that burger seemed to be very reasonable indeed. I think i'll fall flat after I had that Flaming Dr. Pepper.

  5. TNG: oh, no, the food here is NOT native american!!! it's only the LOOK of the restaurant that is supposed to feel native american, with the statues, portraits and other decorations.
    Michelle: yep, the food here is NOT native american at all. it's simply tex-mex & western food, similar to what we'd find at TGI Friday's, Chili's, etc. it's only the decor that's supposed to be somewhat native american/museum-ish...

  6. Baby sumo: heheh, hope you got a healthy dose of TLC this morning! nineties nostalgia!!! :D
    Eiling: yeah, we were pleasantly surprised by the burger, but not confident enough to order any more food besides this! the drinks were decent, yay =)

  7. RM20 for the burger? that's a good buy!

  8. Aww... if that was truly peanutbuttery, Devil CK would love it!

    I like the dose of TLC btw. So nostalgia lah kami pagi ni... :P

  9. Ya ya ya, I like peanut butter very much!
    But vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter, hmmm, maybe not then. :P

  10. Missyblurkit: yeah, for that price, i expected a really chewy, lean slice of beef! :D
    Kenny: there's nothing better than '90s nostalgia ... except for '80s nostalgia! heheh =)

  11. CK: heheh, i actually don't enjoy peanut butter very much. it always sticks to my teeth too much! :D
    Kenny (again!): this seems like a set-up! you must have told CK to post that comment above! i demand a thorough investigation!!! =)

  12. No wor. He visits your blog on his own accord wan lah. You popular food blogger ma. LOL

  13. kenny: heheh, flattery will get you everywhere! or at least to french-style bakeries hidden in secret locations :D