Sunday, November 20, 2011

Harley-Davidson & Bruno

A top-to-bottom (sort of) eating expedition at KLCC, starting with Harley-Davidson Cafe.

The third-floor view of KLCC's fountain from Harley-Davidson Cafe is alluring, but the food we tried here was unappealing, liquor was unavailable (OK, that's probably understandable) & smoking was unrestricted despite the cramped indoor space.

Grilled beef ribs. Almost as tough as leather, with little to offer, flavor-wise.

Charbroiled lamb tenderloin. Gamy & also chewy; far from the best cut around.

Kedondong & pink grapefruit juice.

For dessert, it's best to flee to KLCC's concourse for Bruno Gelato.

Four flavors in a large cup for about RM20: white chocolate, hazelnut, biscotti & dolcelatte. Soft, creamy & flavorsome, this is enough to make us feel like kids again.

Bonus place: finally, a short stop at Santini for alfresco dining & drinking.

Valrhona chocolate fondant. Not the most amazing version in town, but acceptable.

Dark rum-laced Jamaican Coffee & Bailey's Crunch (butterscotch, baileys, milk), both cursed with low liquor content. Alas, Santini's finest years might be long gone.

Wrapping up with more shots of Harley-Davidson Cafe.

Harley-Davidson Cafe, Bruno Gelato & Santini,
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Boohoo to bad food. Is the cafe located within the Harley Davidson retail store?

  2. Baby sumo: oh ya, at the back of the store. Great location though, just a few steps away from the TGV multiplex and Chili's =)

  3. the chocolate fondant looks odd....

  4. I had Bruno's the other day after Garrett's. Didn't the fancy The flavors much though.

  5. Michelle: heheh maybe it's the camera lighting. Taken in quite bright light :D
    Qwazymonkey: oh, I like how the flavors seem quite traditional for gelato. Conservative but safe :D

  6. *imagines sean on a harley-davidson motorcycle juggling a cup of gelato and glasses of booze-drenched coffee*

    Hmm. Maybe not. :P

  7. Kenny: I can imagine myself back on the honda motorbike I used to ride on campus, juggling my textbooks and a mineral water bottle. Ok ok, not as exciting, heheh =)

  8. I remember Santini from my Mont Kiara working days. KLCC seems to have failed to live up to the good ol days in Mont Kiara though.

    Bruno Gelato - yummily good that i can never have enough!

  9. Missyblurkit: ya, I think there's a sense of complacency and 'business-as-usual' at santini nowadays. They've got the tourist business and the lunch crowd business, so maybe they feel OK to slack, heheh =)

  10. Alamak.. tough as leather?! no thanks... :(

  11. Ciki: yeah, wise decision! :D

  12. so is there a harley Davidson on display for you to ride and take picture? heheh

  13. Eiling: i think there are a few at the store! but not sure if the staff encourages customers to pose with them and snap photographs :D