Monday, November 28, 2011

Tapis Rouge & Urban Lounge

In terms of looks & service, Tapis Rouge is the closest thing to fine dining at Kota Damansara's Red Carpet Avenue, though its secret weapon is its cabaret & theater performance lounge (!).

We haven't checked out the lounge, but the restaurant is OK. The menu is littered with common recipes, from Caesar salad to lamb shank, but whatever we sampled was well-prepared. The smoked duck breast with rocket, parmesan & balsamic glaze proved light but flavorsome.

Beef ribs in Tex-Mex barbecue sauce. Tender & tasty, though the portion was puny, considering the RM50 price tag.

Montelpuciano DOC Majolica 2005 (Italy).

All in all, Tapis Rouge's restaurant marks a pleasant departure from the noisier pubs that dominate Encorp Strand, though its performance lounge _ which hosts song-&-dance extravaganzas & comedy nights _ will likely be more boisterous.

And here's another place for chilling out: Urban Spoon at Sri Hartamas has launched a first-floor lounge that serves as a beautifully calm, comfortably spacious refuge.

Hungry? Try the hearty Wagyu beef burger with egg & tomato chutney _ a fine, sloppy mess.

Basic cocktails, nicely executed: Mojito & Cosmopolitan.

So we like UrbanLounge, though its choice of music could be better. A Dire Straits CD currently overpowers the playlist, giving the place a dated feel. How about something more contemporary, but soft & jazzy nonetheless?

Earlier entry on Urban Spoon Bistro: October 24, 2011.

Pretty nice view of Hartamas Shopping Center across the road.

Tapis Rouge Restaurant & Theater Lounge,
Red Carpet Avenue, Encorp Strand,
Jalan PJU5/22, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Urban Lounge,
63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-2108


  1. I hunger.
    Omg, do you go to places to eat just to talk about them? :p joking.

    I wonder what time you went to the two places. It's either too early or too late :p

  2. Rad: heh, i have a curiosity about restaurants that i haven't visited. i'm attracted to them, like a moth to a flame :D but yeah, i think i was at tapis rouge too early and at urban lounge too late! you're very observant! it's scary! :D

  3. Looks like Encorp Strand does have some good eateries to keep the place going...

    The smoke duck breast looks awesome. And I am salivating at the idea of breakfast with smoke duck breast. LOL.

  4. One would have thought Rad was with you in spirit at these two places, hehe.

    And the wagyu burger looks good. A friend and I were discussing the sloppy Om Burger @Ampang, and this certainly has some of that very necessary sloppiness. :D

  5. Hehe but it's good because sometimes it's better to take photos of a place when there is nobody in them so there's not so much distraction.

    Omg, there is such thing as Om Burger there? We have Mister Burger and Big Burger. I wonder if there are Miss Burger! -as Om in Indo means uncle.

  6. ish. :( rm 50 for something that small (i'm a small eater)!

  7. The Strand - there's supposed to be a one star michelin restaurant opening this year.. while Im surprised to hear the news, I'm keen to see if it will work

  8. Missyblurkit: yeah, though so far, i'd mainly recommend The Tranquerah (for malaccan food) & Saint's (for british pub grub) at Encorp Strand. heheh, actually you're right, smoked duck breast would be a nice substitute for sausages for brekkie! :D
    Kenny: i actually haven't tried that Om Burger at Ampang (though i think we actually drove past it or near it while heading to tamarind springs). i like my burgers sloppy but NOT too ketchupy or mayonnaisey :D

  9. Rad: yeah, i find it less awkward to take photos of the restaurant's interior when there are no other customers, but it sometimes makes the restaurant look sad or empty =) oh, i never realized that Om means uncle. it should be paired with an Auntie Burger maybe :D
    Michelle: ya, the potatoes on the plate were more filling than the beef ribs, heh =)
    Rebecca: hmmm, they can try to make it on par with a michelin-starred restaurant, but yeah, let's hope they can succeed! :D

  10. We did drive past the Om Burger stall (like any other decent Ramlee burger-style stall, it's parked right in front of a 7-Eleven) along the row of shophouses opposite Naan Corner.

  11. I'll own Auntie Burger and I will want you and Kenny to blog about it. I'll make sure the place is empty, too? :p

  12. I believe Kenny is online right now. :p just noticed he left a comment at the same time as me. #pointless

  13. You didnt stay for the cabaret show?

  14. Kenny: ah, i must make a stop there next time! although right now, the burger i'm craving is burger king's current promotional flame-grilled angus steakhouse burger =)
    Rad: heheh, i'll try to give a positive review on Auntie Burger if you open it! and oops, sorry, i ended up replying to your comments too late. i figure you're all offline nwow :D
    Baby Sumo: nope, unfortunately we were here too early, and they hadn't started running the cabaret shows yet. next time, hopefully =)

  15. Rad: and i'm back again =)

  16. wah 2 places at one go?!! But RM50 for that puny portion is definitely not worth it unless it tastes almost like heaven

  17. eiling: yeah, the ribs actually tasted quite decent. juicy and flavorful. just wish there had been more of them :D