Saturday, June 18, 2011

View Rooftop Bar

The View: Round Two. Earlier entry: June 10.

Returning for playfully inventive cocktails. This time, Gula Melaka-infused booze: Caipiroska (absolut blue, lime wedges, gula melaka) & Champagne Tropicale (mango, Luxardo maraschino liquor, Mumm's champagne, gula melaka).

Hopped downstairs to Tanzini to fill our tummies, since The View's kitchen wasn't operating during our most recent visit (plus, only finger food was on the bar menu),

We prayed for pasta perfection, but the food fell short of stellar. Nothing fundamentally wrong with this angel hair pasta with lobster medallions & bisque (though it lacked the black truffles promised on the menu), but there was little oomph in the flavor. Kinda like the service, which is efficient but not warm.

Handmade squid ink pasta with Pernod-flamed crab meat. Tanzini isn't stingy with its seafood, which comes in bountiful portions (commensurate with the hefty prices).

Chili tagliatelle with tiger prawn & ikura. Tasted all right, though again, a truffle component was missing _ this was meant to be scented with white truffle oil, but we couldn't detect any.

Orvietto Classico Doc 2008 (Italy).
Earlier entries on Tanzini: August 10 & August 13.

To wrap up, more parting shots of the View's various features and sights.

The View Rooftop Bar,
Level 29, G Tower, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2168-1881


  1. The chilli mojito at the rooftop bar is really good.

  2. nomster: spicy and minty! a refreshing combo, rite :D

  3. I tried that angel hair pasta before and the pasta tasted weird. And I got truffles... but they were "rubbery" :S

  4. Improvement on the food stil required I see.
    Apparently there is a new chef in place..

  5. Ooh, me like the dangling display of inverted, cascading wine bottles. :)

  6. Baby sumo: eeeks! Though I figure rubbery truffles might be better than no truffles at all. heheh, dunno (I've never suffered rubbery truffles before, I think) =)
    Tng: ya, the menu was a lot wider and the items sounded more impressive compared to my last visit in august. I'd actually like to return to try some of the non-pasta items :D
    Lfb: It might look nice on our apartment balconies too, rite (ok, maybe YOUR apartment balcony only, since it'd end up getting covered in mold after a year on MY balcony) =)

  7. I trust it will not take a year for the mould to creep up on these poor wine bottles in your balcony... The speed of the decay of your abode is legendary, no? :P

  8. Lfb: someday I'll be able to rent my place out as the set of a horror movie, what with its state of disrepair! (while your place could become the set of a bedroom thriller) :D

  9. The set of a bedroom thriller? Oh, it's thrilling enough as it is. Ahem.

  10. Lfb: only one or two nights a week, I figure. On the other nights, it'd probably be a mild, harmless "everybody loves Raymond"-type sitcom =)

  11. sigh... not really special... what's with italian food and kl these days!

  12. Yea its probably the best drink i had in KL. The night view there is awesome too. - jiawen

  13. I really like the way that they displayed the bottles in a spiral form. very creative

  14. Michelle: ya, no really dazzling new italian outlet has opened in KL so far this year. But the old ones are still around and serving good food =)
    Jiawen: heheh let's see whether it manages to pose a strong challenge to skybar n Luna :D
    Eiling: yep, lotsa nice touches in the design here. Some greenery too, with tropical plant deco =)