Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Toastina: Round Two. Earlier entry: April 11.

We've been feeding our current sandwich addiction here with mega-bites such as this monumental medley of mushrooms. Exceptionally earthy, laced with walnuts & cheese. Wish someone had sprinkled some truffle oil on this though.

Chicken ham & eggs in croissant. A creamy combo _ so simple, but astonishingly addictive. Sounds like something that Delifrance might serve, but well, this photo speaks for itself.

Hot salted beef with gruyere cheese & arugula. Succulent slices of meat, bundled in a convenient ciabatta loaf for both carnivores and carb-lovers on the move.

Bacon, egg & tomato. Tasted lovingly home-made, with a mound of boiled eggs, all chopped up for gooey goodness' sake.

Jalapeno chicken & lettuce in croissant. Bland; maybe the word 'jalapeno' made us anticipate something exotic and fiery.

Smoked roasted salmon with caper berries, tomato confit, wild rocket & horseradish. One of Toastina's pricier sandwiches at RM24++; healthy and hearty, stuffed in charcoal bread, but forgettable in flavor.

Asparagus, artichoke hearts & garlic aioli. These sandwiches are ready-to-sell items, not prepared to order; so if you can wait, order a freshly made customized sandwich instead, with your own choice of fillings (though that'll cost more).

Toastina's desserts are super-sweet but otherwise irreproachable, especially this "crimble crumble" (similar to a mince pie, packed with sticky fruit bits & spices, but no meat) & humongous white chocolate muffin, which boasts an alluring aroma of vanilla, a finger-lickin'-good frosting and a straight-from-the-oven texture.

Apple frangipane tart & cappuccino eclair. The former was a fruity, nutty pleasure, but we particularly loved the latter, with its rich, decadent filling.

Sheraton's own 'Zest' dark chocolate with lemon & candied ginger. An acquired taste, with a tangy zip and bitter cocoa flavor. Might be better if it were a a bit milkier.

Wine, wonderful wine.

Faber Imperial Court,
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Bacon, egg and cucumber / zucchini...tats my fav combo :D

    I think I need some Zest :)

  2. No those are definitely not sandwiches that Delifrance would serve! Wish they did looks totally yums! =D Im sure it must have been really filling too.

  3. Ulric: I hope that's pork bacon, not beef! I'd pass on the cucumber and zucchini in favor of avocado/guacamole though (I know, I'm a broken record with my avocado obsession) =) As for Zest, I was kinda impressed that the hotel had produced and packaged their own chocolate :D
    Adam: y'know, I actually have good memories of delifrance, especially their branch in sogo, where I'd sometimes walk to from the office in the evening for dinner, back when I first started working in '99, when the weather was still sane, heh =)

  4. Pork...beef...whatever...along as the magic word is bacon :)

    My broken record repeatedly says dark chocolate...dark chocolate...dark chocolate...

    Wow...I am also impressed :O

  5. Postphoned my review to next week.. arghghg so busy!
    Nw I wish I didnt! ;p

  6. didn't notice that this place existed! :P

  7. The sandwiches look overflowing with filling! Yum!

  8. This looks like Sandwich Heaven - great place to grab a quick bite in town!

  9. Man, these sandwiches are seriously hearty... I like, I like! :D

  10. Yay! You don't have to steal your colleagues' food anymore!

  11. ulric: true, beef bacon has its charms also, especially in sandwiches (and even chicken ham as we see here) =) and i actually like white chocolate best. really :D
    tng: hope you get a chance to visit soon! i'm glad that this place is so conveniently located near my office. their weekly specials are quite good also (mostly local fare like nasi briyani and laksa) =)
    michelle: i think it opened after you left (about two months ago). and the sandwich & cakes deli only stays open until 7pm, unfortunately :D
    baby sumo: yep, but i've already finished trying all the sandwiches, so i'm hoping they introduce new fillings very soon! :D
    pureglutton: oooh, 'quick bite,' that's the problem. the folks behind the counter here are very friendly, but kinda slow in preparing takeaways and calculating the bill. or rather, they generally take their time, heheh =)
    lfb: yaaa, i'm glad the bread here goes beyond the gardenia-variety wholemeal/white bread sort! and i haven't been back to subway in ages, but i'm betting the ones here taste better than subway's too :D
    lemongrass: alas, virtually no more colleagues left anymore, since nearly everyone has moved on to greener pastures (but is the grass just greener on the other side? hmmmmmm)...

  12. Ha...tat explains the phrase 'Might be better if it were a a bit milkier' :P

  13. Look at the egg sandwich.. super creamy and hearty! I just had them yesterday and I loved it!! :)

  14. ulric: yaa, i like my chocolates milky and creamy! even if the dark ones are the healthier, antioxidant-loaded option :D
    iamthewitch: heheh, boiled eggs are such comfort food! come to think of it, i'd hate to imagine a life without any form of eggs (sunny-side up, poached, scrambled, etc) :D

  15. wow this place makes the sandwiches look interesting especially the croissant! but still can't stomach the thought of eating sandwich for lunch. am too chinese!

  16. eiling: sandwiches for breakfast then! cos this place opens at 8am, i think :D