Saturday, June 11, 2011


Toastina: Round Three. Earlier entries: April 11 & June 8.

Toastina seems like an unlikely choice for Malaysian halal favorites, but after a few spoonfuls of its Assam Laksa, we were licking our lips over how flavorsome this was, overflowing with slippery rice noodles in spicy, tangy mackerel gravy, complete with all the pungent aromas that I had slowly come to enjoy during three years of studying in Penang.

Chick-kut-teh. Of course, the absence of pork in this one was obvious, but it was well-executed enough to recommend, offering a nice combo of herbal, earthy and meaty flavors.

Nyonya curry laksa. Also very tasty, but cockles would have made it even better.

Loh mai kai. As glutinously good as a pork-free version gets.

Nasi briyani. No complaints; a tummy-filling portion for only about RM8 (!), with all the essential ingredients tasting fresh and fragrant.

Braised beef cheek pie. The crust was too thick and doughy, but the bountiful filling of tender, gravy-soaked beef morsels was what made this addictive.

Chocolate brownie & vanilla cupcake. Skip the nut-laden brownie, since there are richer, fudgier ones elsewhere _ but try the cupcake, which has a lovingly baked feel that might seem surprising for a hotel deli version.

New York cheese cake & black forest cake. Deliciously moist; the cheese cake was enhanced by a lovely cheese flavor and scent, proving that second-rate ingredients are shunned here.

Chocolatey, crunchy cookies, colossal in size.

Carrot-&-raspberry cake (ultra-dense) & tiramisu (ultimately forgettable).

Cheese cake & chocolate eclair. Sinfully sumptuous, especially the eclair.

White chocolate doughnut & mini-pavlova. The sweet tooth is satisfied.

Faber Imperial Court,
Sheraton Imperial Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Don't tell me you ate everything in one go!

  2. I would normally go "Ditto what Michelle said" except now that I know you, I know better. It's entirely possible. Scary, no? :P

  3. The assam laksa and curry laksa actually looks quite good. Though its not something I would usually eat in a hotel :P

  4. Wow! I thought only got salads,, pastries.. this is like a full fledged cafe!
    and you know waht, I was stuck once in Sheraton for a meeting & it dragged til lunch time. My team went out to the shacks (malay food) to have lunch, and our meal - rice, chic, veg = RM8/pax.

    That briyani looks much better!

  5. michelle: ok, ok, i won't tell you then. heheh :D
    lfb: i'll curb my appetite on an upcoming evening and propose ordering only one pizza diavola (what the italians call the devil's pizza, laden with spicy salami) one risotto fruitti di mare and perhaps one spaghetti vongole. and maybe finish with vanilla gelato. heheh :P
    baby sumo: true! i guess the hotel versions usually never match up to the hawker ones. but i'd choose the ones here for the sake of convenience (i'm too lazy to search for authentic hawker fare, heh) :D
    tng: yaa, they have some local fare too, including nasi lemak that i've never managed to try because they only seem to sell it in the morning (and not every morning either!). my colleagues prefer not to eat in this area though. they like to head out a bit further to jalan tuanku abdul rahman for pan mee! :D

  6. That's called curbing your appetite? Goodness, me.

    I'm currently having a little heartburn from ordering a Big Breakfast with an EXTRA side order of extra crispy bacon followed by 1.5 macarons. (You know where.)

    I need to eat... less. Sighs.

  7. lfb: oh, me just did some research. apparently the spaghetti vongole there not so nice eh. people seem to prefer the fettuccine carbonara. hmmmmm.
    that's not too much food wat, since i assume it's both brekkie and lunch. if you got fresh ginger at home, apparently that's a natural remedy for heartburn...

  8. I actually had some green tea with orange and something something at Hummingbirds afterwards. 'Twas Devil who got the ginger tea. Damn. Should have swapped.

  9. lfb: ahh, when in doubt, choose ginger. it's a traditional remedy for everything, from arthritis to menstrual ailments! :P the only thing it doesn't seem to have any effect on is a lovesick heart (think we'd need macarons for that) :D

  10. Ginger macarons, then? That could work. :D

  11. the white choc doughnut just looks bizarre against the pav~ haha.. trust you to find that combination. Mains look great! I wanna visit this place!

  12. Lfb: ooooh, wonder if that could very well be hummingbirds' next hit! (if only The Radiant One read this blog) :D
    Ciki: heheh, I think you'd have a fun time photographing the food here! Lotsa very vibrant, attractive colors! :D

  13. looks like a great bowl of assam laksa there. wow.. Now I feel like going there to have a taste but all the way to KL... hmm. a bit too far for me especially if I want to go there for lunch.

  14. Eiling: ya, and they only serve the deli food until 7pm (after that, it's mainly snacks and bar food)