Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tanzini @ G City Club Hotel

There's a tantalizing taste of Italian in the air this week. Literally.

After months of anticipation, Tanzini is finally open on G City Club Hotel's 28th and 29th floors, encompassing two levels to form one of the city's most elegant restaurants.

It's hard for the setting to live up to sky-high expectations, but the first impression is positive. Acrophobes might feel queasy, but claustrophobes should have no qualms about this place.

The restaurant staff members are very friendly and obliging; a few first-day hiccups became evident when some of our orders were mixed up, but that was OK.

The furnishings here are classy but understated enough to avoid stealing the spotlight from the sweeping view; this is among those few restaurants that manage to capitalize on the city skyline, by dint of its location and altitude.

One thing appears almost assured: if you're serious about eating out in KL, you'll eventually end up here sometime in the coming year, if not this very month.

There's a catch: the food isn't as remarkable as the surroundings, for now. We were hoping for adventurous options, but there's a been-there, done-that quality to the menu.

Goose liver terrine with fig marmalade. Can't really go wrong with this generous serving of top-notch foie gras. Soft, creamy and delicate; the perfect spread for the crisp bread.

Fregula Mantecato. One of the more intriguing pasta choices here, comprising toasted Sardinian semolina dough balls with spring veggies & mascarpone cheese. Alas, the salt in the sauce was somewhat overpowering _ there seemed to be enough of it to keep a Chinese restaurant kitchen humming all evening.

Pan-roasted pigeon with Italian sausages, baby spinach & marjoram in parsley oil & sweet wine reduction. Fairly flavorsome, but some parts of this were kinda chewy. Come to think of it, I just realized that I can't tell the difference between pigeon and quail.

Pistachio mille-feuille with almond cream. Sounded promising, but tasted forgettable.

Chocolate cake with kumquat sorbetto & toasted walnuts. Can't genuinely fault this; it was moist and dense, with thick, gooey sauce. But maybe the golden age of chocolate cakes is behind us.

We smuggled in a box of macarons, bought from Babycakes on the hotel's ground floor.

Maria Tanzini (bloody mary mix, celery salt, fresh celery) & Adamo Tanzini (vodka, apple sour, apple juice). Cocktails, wine, hard liquor _ they're all here (though wine options by the glass are surprisingly limited).

G City Club Hotel,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Closed Sundays.


  1. U know, I've not even been to this G hotel place. Where on Tun Razak is it again (I've a feeling that I've asked this question before on your babycakes review)

  2. tng: certain as the sun, rising in the eeeeast :D
    qwazymonkey: uh-oh, i'm hopeless at giving directions, but it's basically on the intersection of jln tun razak and jln ampang. let's say u're driving on jln tun razak and u pass delicious @ dua annexe on your left, keep heading straight and u'll see g city hotel also on your left, just before the left turn into jln ampang...

  3. Were the macarons good? The skirting looks fine to me. :)

    "Acrophobes might feel queasy, but claustrophobes should have no qualms about this place" - this line got me rofling

  4. looks like u knew the food wasnt great to start off, thats rather little you ordered for your standards!

  5. Golden age of chocolate cakes is behind us?! Please, heavens, noooo!! It is still my one and only sweet comfort mainstay that I return to again and again! Macarons won't ever cut it for me!

  6. Oh no! i was SO looking forward to the restaurants in G Hotel, i reckon give them time to adjust, they will come around *fingers crossed*

  7. The view is excellent, even if the food hasn't dazzled you yet. But I'm totally with minchow... The golden age of chocolate cakes ain't over - it can't be! :P

  8. Splendid view, even if the food doesnt quite match up, for the moment. Love that shot of the Twin Towers thru the glass windows.

  9. this place looks good with high ceilings and spacious design. and you can even see KLCCC towers from the windows too! that's awesome location!

  10. What a magnificent view! And I love the high ceilings. I've fallen in love already. The chairs look almost like the chairs at Sage, eh, except, if I'm not mistaken, the chairs at Sage don't have the arm rest. Looking forward to reading more about the food (because I'm sure this won't be your last time here, despite the average offerings).

  11. michelle: no complaints about the macarons here, but so far, nearly everyone prefers the ones at nathalie's in solaris dutamas :D
    joe: yep, saving space for another round very soon! but then again, there's nothing really thrilling on the menu here so far :P
    min: 2010 belongs to macarons, no doubt about it, but the backlash has already begun! and once inferior macarons start flooding the market, well, the golden age of macarons will end too...
    augustdiners: yep, we won't lose hope just yet. and if all else fails, the view will still be a good enough reason to come here =)
    lfb: maybe 2011 will be the dawn of a chocolate cake renaissance! a historic year when a dessert that we all wrote off for dead returns to take sweet (heh) revenge! (u do know i'm just humoring u, and that it will never happen, rite?) :P
    pureglutton: yep, i knew i had to open with that shot! y'know, i can't imagine the kl skyline anymore without the twin towers, even though it's only about a decade old...
    eiling: yeah, it's kinda surprising that there are only a handful of restaurants right now that really take advantage of the towers by using it as a backdrop!
    lemongrass: true, there are a lot of familiar touches here ... sage, high tide, mandarin grill, delicious ... but thankfully, this place still blends all those elements into a harmonious whole! :D

  12. If u could tell the difference between pigeon and quail... I'd buy u BOTH and let u show me how u can tell the difference between pigeon and quail!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  13. ciki: heheh. don't confuse me! i'm not even sure i can tell the difference between pigeons, quails and spring chickens! :D

  14. You're totally not humouring me. You know the only reason the always-wonderful chocolate cakes won't return in fashion is cos THEY NEVER LEFT.

    Hmmph. :P

  15. lfb: yes, yes, chocolate cakes never went out of fashion. make sure u don't eat too many though, cos u won't fit into your bell-bottom jeans otherwise. and oh btw, did u manage to find out who took the debbie gibson and new kids on the block cassettes that u've been listening to in your car? :P

  16. Ouch. Ouch. And ouch. I totally do not wear bell-bottoms or listen to Debbie Gibson.

    No way, ho-zay.

    NKOTB on the other hand, ah... memories... :P

  17. lfb: actually debbie (though she prefers deborah these days) was one talented gal. i think songs like 'lost in your eyes' and 'we could be together' are timeless. and that voice! incredible. still gives me shivers :D
    lemme guess your favorite new kid. ermm ... joey, probably :P

  18. Nope, not Joey. Guess again. :P

  19. lfb: can't be donnie or danny. can't be jonathan, since he was my favorite. so it has to be jordan. geez :P

  20. LOL. Not telling you but it sure ain't Danny. Poor Danny - no one ever chose him hor? :P

  21. Lfb: hmph. I suspect u actually preferred donnie's kid brother (then marky mark, now mark wahlberg) to any of the five kids. should we revoke your nkotb fan club membership now :p

  22. Hi, I went to the hotel few days ago hoping that I could get the Macaroons but I couldn't find it. I asked the concierge guy about Babycakes and he seems blur about it. Help? I'm craving for Macaroons so much!

  23. inga: it's on the ground floor, at the same section where the florist is (facing jalan tun razak, in fact). u could also try calling them at 012-2190069. good luck, and hope u enjoy the macarons! :D

  24. hi Sean!

    Thank you so much! When I went there and the guy said he doesn't know and told me to go to Tanzini instead I was surprised. Because I love to read your blog and you even said that you brought the Macarons from downstairs. Ok, I shall go and look for it!

  25. inga: great! btw, just fyi, it's closed on sundays, so better head there either today or monday :D

  26. Hi,
    Do you have any contact form Tanzini?
    Looking forward to hold an event there.

  27. purpleworld: no prob, u can get it from their website: tanzini.com.my

  28. Tanzini was beautiful!!.. we celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary. The place was beautiful. the food was not amazing but it wasnt bad at ALL. (the whole thing was worth it)

    having coffee at the balcony after dinner with the wind blowing and night view of twin tower. We couldnt ask for more.

    customer service was very satisfying.

    happy customer.

  29. ramlah: very glad to hear u had a lovely evening there with your family! :D

  30. 12 Dec,'2010

    had lunch there on 10 Dec
    expected more but at the end of the meal, left disappointed with both food & service
    food was very ordinary and service was at best non existence.
    I have a reservation for 12.30pm and arrived slightly earlier at 12.10pm.
    when the elevator door opened, there were 3 staff at the counter. They looked up and then carry on their own conversation
    thus, I walked in and was left standing for a good 5 minutes before I managed to get the attention of a staff.
    I should have known what to expect when I had to call like 8 times to make a reservation before someone actualy picked up the phone.
    will not be returning again.

  31. had dinner there on 20 May 2011. nice ambience,service was ok but food quality sucks. for the price, the lobster with angel hair was way way below average n the ribeye was a huge disappointment. tough n full of tendons. will not be returning again n will definitely not recommend any friends there.

  32. Theres a new chef on the upper deck guys I hear. And what he is doing is pushing those boundaries of cuisine. Cant wait for my next visit to see what they have got.

  33. Got some news that a new Chef started in Feb from some of my mates in KL. He sounds interesting and what he does with food is something to stand up and listen to. Cant wait to try out the menu on my next trip to KL.