Monday, March 23, 2009

Tatto @ Ampang

We stumbled on Tatto by chance while driving around one night. It was a worthwhile discovery; this new outlet deserves a visit by every KL food fan.

If you love Sassorosso and Chiaroscuro, you'll probably feel the same about Tatto. It's a sleek, ravishing place with only one drawback: no pork.

Excellent for romantic dates, business lunches and birthday dinners. Service is warm and professional; they make you feel right at home instantly.

The food lacks the finesse of the city's best Italian outlets, but it still ranks among the top 20. The potato gnocchi alla gorgonzolla was pure comfort food.

Crab risotto with tiger prawns and asparagus. There was an Oriental taste that made this rather unusual, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Strozzapretti with salmon and artichokes in cream sauce. The only letdown, this seemed like a mediocre carbonara pasta.

Homemade mezzaluna stuffed with chicken and ricotta with green peas and almond tomato sauce. A lovely dish that epitomizes everything that's bewitching about Italian cooking. Robust and flavourful.

Penne with sauteed Angus beef tenderloin and mixed capsicum sauce. A tad too much salt in this, but it was a hearty, nourishing dish that would be ideal if you're really hungry.

Negroamaro Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Paiara 2007. Terrific for its price.

19, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang.
Tel: 2166-5212


  1. I belive the food taste Asian, this is a fake Italian restaurant... nobody in Tatto is Italian and therefore should not be called Italian restaurant. If any of us take an italian cookbook and cook pasta that doesn't make us italian.

  2. I have been to tatto and i have to agree with the above comment, I also would like to see when tatto's peoples need to change their menu. what they are going to do, going around really Italian restaurant in K.L to steal their menu so they can copy it? this is non sense!!!!!!!!!!!
    get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is an embarrasing copy. Quality of the food and presentation of the food I ate was very poor. My steak had clearly been defrosted moments earlier! Disaster lah.

  4. Boring food and rude waitress. Never again.

  5. I agree - the service at Tatto is terrible and the food needs lots of work

  6. Karen GrantApril 22, 2009

    Surely if you have been brave enough to make negative comments about this restaurant you should be brave enough to put your name to your postings. There are only two waitresses in Tatto and neither are rude. The service is excellent and as for the menu the food does not need a lot of work. I would rather have a short menu than a menu which reads like a book. How can you say the food was boring. Give the restaurant another go! All deserve a second chance.

  7. To Karen Grant! My name is Tan Sri David Lim and beleive me when i say this RESTAURANT is not good. Then of course you have your taste!!!

  8. Karen - my name is Michael Pertelli and you need to get your taste buds checked. The point of a blog is not to defend your friends - you are clearly completely biased and delusional. The food when I went to Tatto was abysmal. And for the waitresses, both were rude. When I did not order wine and my son and I shared a pizza, we were dismissed because we were not spending money. Yenti is the worst offender. I suggest you tell your friends at Tatto to be less rude to good customers. Well ex-customers.

  9. ...with one drawback. no pork. LOLZ. I wonder how often all of us have echoed the very same sentiments. What is it about pork that makes a restaurant that much better ya I wonder.

  10. I've been to Tatto twice and my experiences of the staff and atmosphere were very enjoyable. I believe that the claim that the staff is rude has no foundation based from my visits; they were very kind and had lovely conversations with them at the bar after dinner.

    Food wise it is modern Italian food; just because there's no Italian in the restaurant doesn't mean it can't be Italian food. I liked the food and it is good value for money. The bar was very well stocked and my wife enjoyed the wide range of cocktails available.

  11. Tatoo does not have rude staff. They are just outspoken, lively and loud - probably intimidating to some as they might casually just ask you if you didn't fancy the salad since you left some untouched. Thats all. The wine list is fantastic for an average drinker like me, the food is short, sweet and simple - doesn't get your eye balls rolling for hours to decide, the ambiance is warm and inviting whilst the surrounding is ultimately a private getaway for lovers, colleagues, families or whatnot, but I wouldn't advise and entourage of infants or hyperactive toddlers. Give it another try, with an open mind - safe to say, you might just enjoy yourself :) Good luck!

  12. I can absolutely recommend their pizzas. The best I've had so far in KL:
    My Tatto pizza review →

  13. Hi, may i know how do i go to Tatto? I know around Jalan Ampang but how to I go from Jalan Ampang?