Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nero Fico @ Danansara

The Nero empire has spread to this exceptionally handsome outlet at Damansara Heights. We were worried that the lack of pork here might limit its potential, but it boasts a very impressive menu.

The actual food needs a bit more work though. The homemade bigoli with duck ragout and rosemary was pretty hearty, but you can find a tastier version of this at Sassorosso.

Fagiolata veneta (bean soup with beef sausage topped with parmesan flakes). Very comfort foodish, but again, there was something lacking in the flavour.

Grilled swordfish with spinach and Livornese sauce. No complaints here. The fish and veggies were both fresh and well prepared.

Tortelli with wild mushrooms in a butter and thyme sauce topped with scallops. Rather bland, but still palatable.

Gnocchi sorrentina with buffalo mozarella. The sauce was superb, with the delicate, subtly sweet taste of fresh tomatoes. But the gnocchi was overcooked to the brink of mushiness.

Nerofico tiramisu in a tulip cup. Not the best we've ever have, but good enough.

Sage creme brulee with mixed fruits. Decent but not outstanding either.

Nero d'Avola IGT Vino Rosso Sicilia Tenimanti 2005.

Nero Fico,

Wisma Perintis, Damansara Heights.
Tel: 2089-5312


  1. aiya, posted comment then lost it. u lucky some anonymous fler didnt come and bombard you for not giving a rave review, ...did you see the fiasco on poor masak masak's blog!!! hahah!

  2. yeah, i even recall his name! tony! she was soooo incredibly patient with him. tony, if you ever happen to read this, no need to comment here!

  3. Ugghhh...I can't stand mushy gnocchi! Wanted to try this as it's nearer to my place, but I think I'd rather go to Neroteca now...

  4. i think it's still worth checking out once! these might be teething problems, so i'm crossing my fingers that they'll improve...

  5. I have eaten at Nerofico five times, and have been very impressed. You are right that the design is handsome. I ate the gnocchi and thought it was excellent. Overall the food was very good and the service up to normal brilliant Nero standard.

  6. yeah, i do want to return to try other dishes. someone told me recently that gnocchi should be soft, so maybe i was wrong to criticize it!

  7. Went here for my birthday and loved it. What a gorgeous restaurant. I chose the fish special which was excellent!!! Thank you Nerofico for such a fantastic evening.

  8. Loved it. Nerofico is developing its own identity - different from Vivo and Teca. I had a great meal here. What bliss.

  9. yaeah ...nerofico fantastic...those poeple dont want go to town nerofico its the right place to had a dinner....yeah i love it nerofico...