Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mizu exudes a sense of secluded serenity that eludes the rest of TTDI Plaza.

The complimentary appetizers left us longing for more, more, more!

Yellow tail carpaccio-style with cili padi and wasabi soy sauce. A real knockout; the sauce perfectly complemented the fatty fish, while the cili padi zapped our tastebuds with a nice zingy aftershock.

Foie gras and spring onion roll. A Mizu classic that we try to always order.

Braised ox cheek. Wholesome, hearty comfort food.

The Mizu roll basically comprised tempura prawn, eel and avocado. Not bad, but if you order only one maki, make it the foie gras roll.

Foie gras with daikon. Superbly prepared; the generous portions of pan-fried foie gras tasted sensational with the radish in a delicate sauce.

Nama Kiku Masamune helped wash it all down.

TTDI Plaza.
Tel: 7728-6498


  1. this looks very yummy, especially the yellow tail. But after last night's overdose of sashimi, have to lay off japanese for a while!

  2. after 2 or 3 days, the hankering for sashimi will return! :D

  3. ohhh the foie gras dish looks like the zipangu 1! how much is it ar?

  4. can't recall exactly, but less than RM50 (with two slices of foie gras). definitely cheaper than zipangu's. according to memoirs of a chocoholic's blog, mizu's owner once worked at zipangu and invented this dish...