Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tiffin Food Court: A Celebration of Makan & More

NOTE: Tiffin Food Court has been postponed till further notice. Do not visit this weekend.

For three weekends in December, Tiffin Food Court brings 2017 to a tasty conclusion with a triumphant celebration of independent Malaysian F&B purveyors. Food fans, don't siesta on this fiesta: Set in a PJ warehouse transformed into the ultimate medan selera, this is a limited-time-only event, happening on December 8-10, 15-17 and 22-24. Time to makan!


Hundreds of guests thronged this industrial location for a sneak peek ahead of Tiffin Food Court's official opening next week. It's a hip, grungy space that's perfect for weekend partying - more than 30 vendors will be there, offering more than 100 dishes that represent cuisines both local and international. In our next post tomorrow, we'll dive into the deliciousness that awaits you here!


Beyond food, Tiffin also boasts a few other sections dedicated to keeping you entertained and engaged throughout the evening. Step into the Red Hall and shoot some rounds of pool, or sit at a round table in a velvet red dining room and spend the hours chatting till past midnight.



You can also indulge in retro games at the 1Up Arcade, where pinball and arcade machines have been set up for you to aim for the top score. 

If you're in the mood for a more chilled-out night, take the stairs up to the Mezzanine Bar, where C.K. Kho (of Coley and Pahit) has irresistible handcrafted cocktails for you and your friends.


Check back tomorrow when we unveil the food for Tiffin Food Court!

Tiffin Food Court
Lot No.1, Jalan SS8/6, Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, Petaling Jaya
December 8-10, 15-17 and 22-24. 5pm-1am.


  1. Interesting place. I was expecting some eatery where they serve all the food in tiffin carriers. Didn't spot any, just some plastic tubs. I guess they throw all those away after use? :(

    1. Suituapui: I think different vendors may have a different container strategy :)

  2. The place seems to be colour coded! ;) I'm eager to see what food they offer, so I'll be sure to check back here :)

    1. Contact.ewew: go check out the EDKL stalls! ;)

  3. no approval notice to have this festival in FIZ area. Because of this, staff stuck in jammed to enter FIZ due to Custom and MPPJ having an roadblock with open one side entrance only, to block undeclared supplier to enter . menyusahkan orang sungguh lah Tiffin ni