Eat Drink KL: Oro Cafe @ Hilton KL & The Bakery @ Marks & Spencer KLCC

Friday, August 30, 2013

Oro Cafe @ Hilton KL & The Bakery @ Marks & Spencer KLCC

It's a cornucopia of carbs! Checking out a couple of new bread-laden destinations: Oro Cafe at Hilton KL & The Bakery at Marks & Spencer in Suria KLCC.

Our stop at Oro was for window-shopping: We browsed but never bought these bagels (RM26++), stuffed with the likes of roast beef, mozzarella & sun-dried tomatoes.

The quiches (RM21++) looked alluring; one had spinach & feta, the other promised smoked turkey & leek fondue. Maybe next time. Definitely next time.

Danishes, macarons & cakes are also available at Oro, as is coffee. The Hilton describes this lobby-level outlet, which is part of the hotel's F&B revamp, as a "classic barista cafe," complete with a polished marble bar counter.

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More waistline-wrecking temptations to be found at KLCC's Marks & Spencer, where an in-house bakery opened this month, serving a sweeping, scrumptious selection.

 Everything from Bramley apple turnovers to peach-&-cream tarts; resistance truly is futile.

 The Bakery's croissants, beautifully flaky, are born of French-made dough, flown into Malaysia to be baked right here inside this KLCC store.

 Malted wheat baguette, slow-baked with bran & barley malt flour, evincing a golden-crisp crust.

Muffins oozing with lemon cream; densely moist & flavorful, exactly how they ought to be.

Oh, remember that turnover? Here it is, made with Britain's most popular cooking apple.

Almond croissant & choc chip shortbread. Caveat: We've purchased these pastries at various hours over the past two weeks, learning eventually that they taste terrific when bought at 11am, but the stock that's left at night (with a 50 percent discount) has clearly faded in freshness.

 Our indisputable favorites here: The sweet stuff, including this buttery, sugar-topped Eccles cake with a potently fruity currant filling.

 Caramel tart with nuts. Gooey greatness; this one might haunt our dreams for many months.

 The Bakewell tart, with a sponge of almonds & base of jam surrounded by shortcrust pastry, is less decadent but nonetheless delightful.

 The Bakery is inside Marks & Spencer's food hall, where other pleasant surprises await: this intriguing bag of crisps is emblazoned with the words "Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham" & a non-halal sticker. The ingredients list shows no pork, but the crisps do have something of a hammy taste.

Love the Cornish clotted cream honeycomb ice cream. Nothing at M&S is overpriced; pastries hover north of RM6, with everything above clocking in well below RM80.

Oro Cafe, 
Lobby Level, Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Open 24 hours a day.
The Bakery,
Marks & Spencer, Concourse Level, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.