Eat Drink KL: El Sid's South American @ Bukit Damansara

Saturday, August 10, 2013

El Sid's South American @ Bukit Damansara

Returning to El Sid's to check out its complete menu. Earlier entry: July 18.

Ceviche (RM16 before taxes), comprising tangy shrimp accompanied by avocado & mango. Might these shrimp have been cooked with heat? Maybe, maybe not; it's much too tricky to tell.

Quinoa salad (RM18), a hearty helping, drenched in chimichurri-inspired sauce that might be creamier & more mayo-like & mass-market than necessary.

A riff on Peruvian 'papa rellena,' stuffed with chili con carne. Comes out kinda like TGI Friday's baked potato skins. El Sid's other savory offerings include lomo saltado beef sandwiches, grilled sardines, cod fish fritters, courgette omelets & breaded jalapenos.

Cookie-like sweet corn tamale cakes (RM14) with salsa verde.

South American sweet treats here include 'alfajores' caramel-coconut cookies (RM12).

The cocktail list is extensive. Of course, Pisco Sours are available.

Numerous beverages here are spiced up with chili. This one's like a fiery Bloody Mary: Tequila, orange juice & tomato juice, shaken with honey & chili flakes, topped with some Lea & Perrins.

Potency is unexpectedly poor but the cocktails are cheap. Authenticity? Debatable. There seems to be a somewhat 'processed/commercialized' feel to both the food & beverages here that some patrons might nonetheless be fine with.

Chatelle VSOP brandy, gin, condensed milk & freshly brewed coffee. El Sid's atmosphere is good though _ energetically friendly. And its team has clearly worked to provide customers with something different from the typical, tried-&-tested pub. Maybe that's what counts the most.

Fairly fun tequila shooters: Tequila Fuego (with jalapeno syrup & hot sauce) & Dirty Sanchez (with Baileys & Kahlua).

El Sid's Cocktail Bar,
1, Jalan Setiapuspa, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Same row as Sri Ayutthaya, Jake's & Passage To India