Eat Drink KL: Cafe Madeleine Patisserie @ Sunway University

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cafe Madeleine Patisserie @ Sunway University

Parking might be scarce and campus security can seem strict, but those are puny obstacles to overcome for the sake of visiting this cafe in Sunway University.

Opened this week by Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Alina Hew, Madeleine Patisserie could become a hip hangout for snack-seeking students. Freshly baked croissants and farmer's bread, served warm with butter and jam, cost a fairly affordable few ringgit.

Macarons are a star attraction too, at RM3.50 apiece. The flavors are pleasurably intense _ everything from chocolate, vanilla and caramel to passion fruit, green tea and raspberry _ with a texture that's creamy rather than crunchy, bolstered by rich, melting-soft centers.

Opera cake _ outstanding, thanks to super-sumptuous layers of buttercream and ganache.

Madeleine will be offering more soon, including "Taste of Australia" vegemite sandwiches, "Teacher's Pet" toasties and a "Dean's List" breakfast set of sunny-side-ups and sausages.

Enjoyably flavorful coffee. Coffee doofuses like me will get the white to avoid burning our tongues.

Bonus points for having a barista whom ladies and some lads will swoon over. 

A brief interlude when no one was around. Within seconds, the space was swarming with jailbait.

Cafe Madeleine Patisserie,
Sunway University.
Open 7:30am-6pm weekdays, 7:30am-1pm Saturdays.