Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sun Hong Muk Koot Tea

In business since the 1960s, this place supposedly draws lots of Hong Kong & Taiwanese tourists (though there was none to be seen that evening).

The "Wall of Fame" is full of snapshots of celebrities who've been here, as well as politicians including a former Thai prime minister.

The bah kut teh is the main attraction. It's tasty and worth checking out, but you'll probably find better versions elsewhere in KL.

The yam rice was kinda clumpy, but the yau char kuey served its purpose well enough for dipping into the bah kut teh.

Sun Hong Muk Koot Tea,
Medan Imbi.


  1. Well, bak kut teh .... is everywhere. It's even commercialized .. i.e there's one in 1 Utama ... But, still best ones in Klang.

  2. I'm famous. :P

  3. timothy: i've actually never tried the bkt in klang. must do so one of these days...
    carolyn: alas, fame is fleeting...

  4. well.. at least for those who can tgo to's one to tahan the craving 1st right?

  5. I just can't get over the fact why ppl want to dip deep-fried oily stuff to soak up oily soup from bak kut teh? isn't that like asking for a heart attack? hahaha!

  6. nomad: yeah ... i've only been to klang maybe two or three times in my life! :D
    burp: we gotta do it while we're still healthy!