Friday, April 24, 2009


A new Italian joint affiliated with Jarrod & Rawlins, though it's strictly no-pork.

It's a gorgeous place with warm, accomodating service. At first glance, the menu looked limited and uninspiring, but we were completely satisfied with everything we ordered.

Capricciosa pizza (ricotta, artichoke, turkey ham, oregano and egg). Generously laden with toppings over a crisp crust.

Traditional tiramisu with liqueur and espresso. Totally soaked in alcohol. Tiramisu has become a cliche, but it's still nice to taste one that's done well.

Mascarpone mango lasagne. Pretty interesting; the pastry was light and thin, while the filling was creamy, smooth and not too sweet.

Gaymers Cider and Bacardi.

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.
Tel: 7804-0565


  1. Capricciosa pizza & Mascarpone looks interesting! Wonder when Penang will have this restaurant...

  2. the pizza does looks good! seems very authenthic-cally Italian ;)
    Pricing?? looks a bit empty?

  3. Wow, Tropicana goes upmarket! No longer just the typical clubhouse coffee house, huh? What is it about egg that makes pizza look so inviting?

  4. allie: it's been years since i've been back to penang, but i bet there are lots of good italian restaurants there. :D
    nomad: pizzas and pastas are mostly under RM 30. it's still new, so hopefully the crowds will come eventually. :D
    550ml: the coffee house is still there, but there are also japanese and french restaurants in tropicana that are pretty good...

  5. gosh the pizza and the mascarpone mango lasagne look amazing!
    erm "halal" but the tiramisu is soaked in alcohol?? the mind boggles

  6. oops, my bad. i should have said "strictly pork-free." :D

  7. Tiramisu totally soaked with like! =D The pizza looks like a hearty portion! ;)

  8. yep i love it when desserts can get us drunk. :D

  9. the price range for the food? u can definitely have a decent meal for less than RM50 per person