Monday, April 27, 2009

Pacifica @ Mandarin Oriental

Recently revamped and relocated to Mandarin Oriental's basement, Pacifica offers an ethereal, jaw-dropping ambience that my camera couldn't quite capture. It's almost like stepping into an underwater world.

Everything here is designed to impress, including the use of Echire butter _ reputedly one of the world's best butters _ made from the milk of cows in far-flung French villages.

Pacifica 18 Vegetables Salad. Not sure whether there were really 18 types of vegetables here, but it was still a massive, utterly satisfying serving.

French scallop crudos with caramel and chili dressing. If only this came in a supersized portion too! The scallops were fresh and went stunningly well with the unorthodox dressing.

Shrimp cocktail salad prepared at the table. Mmmmm, avocados.

Mixing everything up with precision probably isn't as easy as it looks. Kudos to the guy for making it seem like a breeze.

Voila! Huge shrimps make this a salad to remember.

Pacitini (blue curacao and pineapple) & After Eight (vodka, creme de cacao, creme de menthe and creme fraiche).

Sit back and watch the live fish swim in their tanks through the portholes.

Mandarin Oriental.


  1. What a great dining experience, love the lightness of the whole meal. And shrimp cocktail prepared with heart, that's rare! The food of underwater nymphs, yes?

  2. wowowoo... u do go everywhere dun u!
    ehh.nx time can share prices also? cos ppl lke me hv to budget.. ;p

  3. 550ml: heheh ... i think nymphs would eat seaweed to maintain their svelte figures! :D
    nomad: i normally don't list prices for various reasons, but feel free to ask if u ever wanna know. for pacifica, it's pricey. starters are about RM50-80, mains are mostly triple-digit....

  4. was this for supper ar? wats this? 3 starters? wheres the mains?!?

  5. wow, you are dining in lots of nice restaurants? what's your job? hehe

    as thenomadGourmand, i also like to know prices of the food. :P

  6. joe: heh, very observant! yeah, this was more of a late night snack ... pacifica's kitchen stays open until midnight!
    vivien: i'm actually just a journalist. :D

  7. The prices are damn jawdropping, hence I have been hesistant to visit this place.

  8. I agree with Boo ... been here with work twice, and the pricing is YOUUUCCCCHHH... Nice refurbishment though, looks NOTHING like the "old" Pacifica I went to in 2006/7.

  9. boo: best reserved for special occasions actually! yep, the prices here are insane...
    julian: yeah, it's a shame that the old pacifica hasn't been turned into another restaurant. it was a nice-looking outlet.