Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kechara Oasis @ Jaya One

This "New Age Vegetarian" restaurant features some intriguing selections, including Tibetan and Nepalese specialities.

Complimentary veggie soup. Tastes homemade; I mean that in a positive way.

Amdo Yak Beef. Had a meaty bite to it, but the sauce was a tad too spicy.

Tibetan steamed "momo." Essentially vegetarian dumplings; not bad, but they lacked a real 'wow' factor.

Butter "camel meat." Our favourite of the night, thanks to the buttery sauce.

Tibetan steamed bread, called "tingmo." A simple recipe that most bread lovers would enjoy.

Nepalese Shabalay. Vegetable-stuffed pancakes that looked murtabakish and tasted potatoish.

Tibetan butter tea. Not the healthiest drink, but yummy to the last slurp.

Kechara Oasis,
Jaya One.
Tel: 7968-1818


  1. wahh so interestin!! i tot its vegetarian but didnt know it offers such adventurous choices!

  2. yeah ... there are a lot of "ordinary" vegetarian choices too, but you can also find some pretty unusual stuff...

  3. Intriguing nails it on the head! I've often wondered what this place was about, seems rather left-field compared to everything else at Jaya One. I like the look of the steamed bread... now just need a kick-ass curry to dip it in!

  4. jaya one does have lots of quirky places! i think the bread came with bland sauce though...