Monday, April 20, 2009

Harrods @ KLCC

Look closer: Harrods @ KLCC isn't a mere retail store. Tucked away at the back is a cosy, elegant restaurant and bar.

It's an oasis of serenity compared to the mall's other sardine-packed eateries.

Grab a table with a view of the fountain for the best seat in the house.

Photographs evoke a sense of history that heightens the outlet's classic feel.

The English cuisine options range from satisfactory to stellar. 
Smoked salmon came in a creative three-style presentation. Our favourite was the salmon tartare, which was loaded with velvety avocados underneath.

Roast Barbary duck. Superbly tender. The meat's reputation as an even more flavourful alternative to regular duck is well earned.

The Harrods Roast, comprising medium-rare ribeye with Yorkshire pudding. 
Everything on this plate was scrumptious, from the thickly sliced beef to the house special soft-boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Seems like an old-fashioned, boring choice, but it was the best version of this recipe I've ever had!

A combo of Harrods Darjeeling No 26 sherbet, lemon myrtle sherbet and Harrods Blend 49 tea ice cream. A sweet ending to a surprisingly strong meal. We loved the creamy ice cream, which was smooth and subtly tinged with tea.

Sea Breeze (vodka, grapefruit and cranberry juice) & Hemingway's Daiquiri (white rum, maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice).

Suria KLCC.


  1. starter RM20-30, main RM30-50, dessert RM20-30

  2. I'm stoked! Have taken to consciously avoiding KLCC around mealtimes or just a big breakfast before I head to Kino because I know I'll be stuck in mall food hell. I'm happy to fork out more to escape... smoked salmon tartare sounds about right!

  3. Wow, first time I came across your blog. Love all the places you've been to. Left KL quite some time and I didn't know there's Harrods restaurant. Would love to try it out when I'm back. Is it expensive?

  4. 550ml: there are lots of other light bites too, ranging from pea soup with scallops and a whole bunch of salads. hope u'll enjoy your visit!
    sugar bean: thanks for stopping by! harrods is newly opened actually. starters are RM20-30, mains RM30-50, desserts RM20-30.

  5. words like Yorkshire p., Daiquiri.. give me goose bumps! nice find .. tucked away summore.. u not worried ppl find out ar ?! :P

  6. heh, it's worse if nobody knows about it. then the restaurant will be closed in six months!

  7. Yikes! I was considering Harrods for my breakfast surprise for the Devil Prada on the first day of our 1st anniversary week but they don't open till 10am... too late for us.

    Maybe we'll hit it one of these days on the weekend.

    P.S. Do you know your blog is prolly one of the first to post on Harrods@KLCC? There weren't many when I researched online some weeks back, fer sure! :)

  8. LFB: shopping mall hours suck. but yeah, this does seem like an ideal place for an idyllic brekkie/brunch. thanks for pointing that out about this post. i'm sure we'll see more blog reviews of harrods in the months to come. :D

  9. tried the tea ice cream. it was heavenly. if only i didn't have to make 10,000 calls to aides and deepthroats at the time and let it all melt. grrrowll

  10. a good reason to return to have it again then!

  11. totally! along with the roast/ yorkshire pud and fish & chips

  12. Hi Sean, I'm Louisa from G2PR (Public Relation agency) would like to represent Harrods KLCC to thank you for the review on Harrods. Therefore i would like to get your contact number and names so that in the future we can invite u to our clients' events and perhaps u can do some write up in your blog for the events. Please feel free to contact me with this num 03-21780052/ thru email

  13. oh goodie, another place to makan2 at KLCC...was getting a bit bored of the korean, jap and penang food :D thanks for this!

  14. yin: no prob. hope u enjoy it. :D

  15. i loved it!! pretty pricey but once in a while it's ok to splurge on good food. i had the fish and chips while my friends had the cod and the baked prawns. and the ice creams were amazing. the creamiest i've ever had :D

  16. huhu..miz harrods..
    u guys shud try foods there..

  17. was wondering whether you tried the macaroons ?
    if so , were they good ?
    i saw them the last time but didn't get the chance to buy it !
    we usually go there to buy cookies and fondant stuff !

  18. yin: sorry, am replying nearly two years too late! but glad to hear u had a great meal :D
    nabilla: the food's good, rite =)
    shanmuga: gosh, nope, i haven't tried the macarons here yet (didn't even realize they sold macarons!). i actually haven't been back here since that first visit :D